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Get Surly at the Minnesota State Fair

Summer’s end is bittersweet around here. The leaves begin turning. Warm-weather activities wind down. Schools open, beaches close. Winter’s standing in your doorway, looking at its watch, whistling an oddly cheerless Christmas song, waiting to make your life a ceaseless, gray-white hell.

No wonder we celebrate the State Fair.

Minnesota is justifiably proud of its annual get-together, a massive indoor/outdoor party with butter sculptures, farm animals, live music, crop art, rides, improbable foodstuffs served in the “on a stick” tradition, and (here’s where we come in) beer. It’s summer’s last shot, and we’re making it count by creating four new beers you can enjoy at some of our favorite places to visit at the Fair.

Lu Lu’s

LuLunatic West Coast IPA

With an insane amount of Amarillo, Cascade and Chinook hops, this double dry-hopped winner takes its inspiration from the west coast IPA style. (We’ve never been past Ortonville, but we’ve heard good things!) LuLunatic’s bright, citrusy hop flavors and dry finish will leave you raving.


Epic Yuzu Tart Ale

The heroes and heroines of the epic poems sang of Ambrosia—the nectar of the gods. We’re not scholars, but we’re pretty sure they were talking about this beer. Light, crisp, tart, and refreshing, this exotic yuzu-infused creation centers a lemon-lime, citrusy pop fit for the peaks of Olympus.

Ballpark Café

Ron Gant Was Out Pale Ale

An extremely full-flavored pale ale that’s as crisp, clean, and legal as Hrbek’s tag in Game 2 of the 1991 World Series. Brewed with SKOR North’s Judd Zulgad, it’s a perfect late-summer beer and a celebration of umpiring excellence. Find it at the Ballpark Café.

These aren’t the only places to Get Surly when you’re demolishing a bucket of French Fries on the Midway. Check out all our locations below, and we’ll see you at the Fair!


  • Blue Barn: Furious
  • The Hanger: Furious
  • Ballpark Café: Ron Gant Was Out, Furious
  • Andy’s: Grapefruit Supreme
  • Tejas Express: Tejas Mexican-Style Lager, Logic Bomb
  • Giggles: Furious
  • Café Caribe: Furious
  • Dino’s: Epic Yuzu, Furious
  • LuLu’s: LuLunatic
  • Coasters: Furious



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