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Fair to Midway

Every year, the Minnesota State Fair finds a way to top itself. Unlikely food options? Check. Titans of Twin Cities indie rock playing the actual Grandstand? Check. Crop art portrayals of local luminaries and sometimes Daryl Hall? Check.

Clearly, we had to step up our game, too. Surly is sending a half-dozen new beers to the Fair, in addition to popular favorites like Furious, Lemonade, and Before I Die. More info on the new kids below, along with a helpful map for all your Surly opportunities.

Aphrodite’s Gift, Dino’s Mediterranean Grill: From the goddess of beauty comes this gorgeous and hazy IPA. Pillowy smooth and drenched in fruit-forward hop flavor, this is one Gift you won’t return.

Duck Duck Blue Duck, The Hideaway: This blueberry twist on Surly Lemonade is topped with salted foam and a tiny blue duck for you to keep. Just don’t call it Duck Duck Goose.

LuLucifer’s Lager, LuLu’s Public House: A classic lager aged on puya chiles and hickory. Expect some toasty, pleasant heat and underlying notes of cherry and licorice from the chiles.

Bases Juiced, Ball Park Cafe: Step into the box and take a swing at this strawberry lemonade-inspired ale. A refreshing balance of tart lemon and sweet strawberry, Bases Juiced is a grand slam.

Ghost Runner, Ball Park Cafe: Walks will haunt, but this Ghost Runner welcomes you to the Ball Park with a full roster of hoppy, citrusy West Coast IPA flavors.

Razzmanian Devil, Coaster’s: The perfect choice for the heat of a late Minnesota summer, with a devilish hit of raspberry-lemon flavor.


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