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It’s what Surly has always done.

If this town needs a world-class IPA, we make it. If an antiquated law keeps us from selling the beer, we change it. If there’s no place big enough for us to gather together, we build it.

Creating change on that scale within our industry and our community takes an instigator. A touch of mischief, a lack of complacency, and the willingness to say, “Why not?” That’s Surly.

Where we came from.


Omar Ansari founded Surly Brewing Co. in a corner of his parents’ small abrasives factory in Brooklyn Center, MN. He decided to open a brewery for a couple good reasons:

1. To create the kind of beer he and other craft beer lovers wanted to drink, and

2. The hope that other adventurous souls would come along for the ride.

His instincts were correct.


Surly outgrew Brooklyn Center and we successfully changed the law, allowing us to open our (much larger, much newer) Minneapolis brewery on December 19, 2014. It was immediately apparent that there was unmet demand for a place like this.

As the kegs kicked and we pulled beers right off the canning line to serve the longest, happiest line we’ve ever seen, a new gathering space for our community and a new destination for visitors was established before last call.

Almost a decade later, an entire neighborhood has sprung up around our brewery and beer hall. Welcome to Prospect Park. We can’t wait to see you.

Surly Today.

Minnesota Craft Brewing Excellence

Surly is dedicated to production excellence, ensuring that our beer and beyond beer beverages offer a consistent, satisfying drinking experience.

Community Engagement

A meaningful connection with the community through events and sponsorships. We’ll get our brows sweaty and our hands dirty to deliver for those who need it.

Beer Hall

Look around. Our beer hall is an iconic destination for beer geeks, families, travelers, college kids, scary bikers, kindly grandmas, kindly bikers, and scary grandmas. They’re here to have a good time and a great beer.

Epic Events

It’s in our nature to chase the next big idea. To fuel connections by creating the best live music venue is just the latest move in our history of creating amazing experiences.

Our People

All the cool shit above? They make it so. And we’re pretty proud of how awesome they all are.