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For as long as we’ve been Surly, we’ve been Giving a Damn. Connecting with and supporting our community is deeply embedded in our values and in how we spend our time.

Primarily through volunteerism, Surly Gives a Damn (SGAD) partners with local organizations that feed the hungry, fill our blood banks, house families, clean up our neighborhoods, and so much more. Our volunteers are both employees as well as Surly superfans who are simply as passionate about giving back as we are. All of us together make a damn difference.
Will you join us?

We Give a Damn About


Food fuels us. Food connects us. When we share a meal, we share our thoughts and our culture, creating stronger ties and building a vibrant community.

Food is a human right and no individual or community should go without. SGAD believes in not only feeding and connecting people at our Beer Hall, but also partnering with and supporting our local food shelves/food banks and community organizations. We work to get food into the hands and mouths of those who need it.


It is hard for people to connect and be part of the community when they’re struggling.

SGAD believes in leaning in and lending a hand to organizations that help folks locate the resources and support they need to find sure footing during challenging times and to live their lives independently and with dignity.


There may not be anything better than drinking a beer in the beer garden, or on a lake, or in the park on a beautiful day. SGAD believes we need to preserve these spaces so we can continue to enjoy them for years to come.

Because of this, we’ve worked on maintaining Trail Head gardens and planting trees along The Greenway. We maintain and create hiking trails. We plant trees along the Mississippi River and we gather to beautify our city by picking up garbage.

Looking for a Donation

Charitable donations are currently paused. When they resume, we’ll update it here! Please keep checking back periodically.

Volunteer Opportunities

Join the SGAD Polar Plunge Team

Surly Brewing Co. 520 Malcolm Avenue Southeast, Minneapolis, MN

Come join the SGAD Polar Plunge team! All you need to do is: sign up, raise some funds and come jump in the lake with us to help support Special…

Spring Blood Drive with MBC

Surly Brewing Co. 520 Malcolm Avenue Southeast, Minneapolis, MN

Blood is in short supply, still, so we are celebrating Spring with a Blood Drive. Come save a life! Not only will you get ALL THE FEELS for helping a…

Free Work Shirts+

Sign up to volunteer with Surly Gives a Damn and you get the following: a free Surly beer, a bunch of community, all the good feels and a free SGAD t-shirt. Wear the shirt each time you volunteer with us and feel prouder each time, guaranteed.

Fine Print: If there are opportunities to volunteer at special events, you need to first put in some time. (Simply sign up and complete an SGAD event first and that will get you on the “inside scoop list”.)

Our Partners