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Fair’s Fare

We’re thrilled to be pouring beer at the State Fair again this year. As in the past, we’ve brewed beers exclusive to the Fair that will pair perfectly with your annual late-summer gluttony.

We also know that some of you are waiting until next year to attend due to the ongoing COVID situation. If that’s the case, we’ll try to guide you to some beers with similar flavor profiles that can be enjoyed while crafting butter sculptures in your mud room.

FAIR EXCLUSIVE: Tangerine Titan, available at Dino’s Gyros. With a crisp taste and clean finish from the gods themselves, Tangerine Titan is citrusy, tart, and refreshing.

IN STORES: The Supreme Variety Pack. The standard for crisp and refreshing. Enjoy Grapefruit, Mango, Black Cherry, and Key Lime.

FAIR EXCLUSIVE: Grip & Rip IPA, available at Ball Park Café. See beer. Drink beer. This classic American IPA, a collab with former Twin Trevor Plouffe, is the perfect choice for summer at the ballpark (or Ball Park).

IN STORES: Axe Man. Speaking of classic. Double dry-hopped on Citra and Mosaic hops for intense citrus aromatics and brewed with Golden Promise malt for a rich, dry finish. One of the highest-rated IPAs anywhere.

FAIR EXCLUSIVE: LuLu’s Juicy Minnesota Midway Hazy IPA, available at (duh) LuLu’s Public House. That’s not a haze over the Midway, it’s just Surly returning to LuLu’s with a juicy, hoppy, hazy IPA.

IN STORES: Mapping the Multiverse. Let this hazy IPA be your roadmap to unlocking the interwoven secrets of space, time, matter, and energy. Or just to watching the new Spiderman trailer again.

FAIR EXCLUSIVE: Caribbean Dream, available at Café Caribe. A tart, refreshing ale brewed with passion fruit, Caribbean Dream is a citrusy summer stunner.

IN STORES: Fuzz Box. Passion fruit, orange, and guava make this tart ale hum with a triumphant, tropical bite. Part of our Surly Set List Variety Pack.

In addition, you can find Furious and Grapefruit Supreme all over the Fairgrounds at the following locations:

FURIOUS: Frontier Bar, Coasters, The Hangar, Café Caribe, Dino’s, Ball Park, Giggles, Andy’s Grille, Blue Barn, and Tejas Express

GRAPEFRUIT SUPREME: Tejas Express and The Coliseum

Regardless of where you’re doing it, please get Surly safely and responsibly.

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