Darkness Day Status: BACK

The Growler Has Been Freed. This isn’t just great for Surly, it’s great for the state of Minnesota. Every brewery can continue innovating and growing IN MINNESOTA.

How will this affect you, the Surly consumer? Let’s not bury the lede:


We said it would return when the state of Minnesota allowed us to hold it at our Minneapolis brewery. The state has done its part. Now we’ll do ours.

Autumn 2022 will have a Darkness Day. In Minneapolis. Date TBD.

In other news, there’s paperwork to file with the city and state, facilities to update, and materials to source before we can do growler and crowler fills in Minneapolis. It’s a good problem to have. Follow us on our social channels for updates this summer.

Finally, thank you to all of you who reached out to your legislators to let them know this law needed to change. Congratulations. You did it.


Surly Brewing Co.

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