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Crowler Sales Are Live!

The license is approved. The infrastructure is built. The crowlers are filled. For the first time in 14 years, you can bring home an actual, honest-to-god beer from Surly Brewing.

We brew a hell of a lot of different beer styles, so crowlers will be focused on small-batch, innovation, and unique craft beers. Stuff you can’t find at home. In other words, keep patronizing your local store for Furious and Axe Man, but swing by the brewery for a Furious variant or a barrel-aged Axe Man.

The plan is to switch it up often, featuring new crowler offerings on a weekly basis, and to give our loyal customers the first crack at bringing them home. Think of it like getting in line at an OG Darkness Day, but from your couch instead of a Brooklyn Center office park.

If you’re interested in hearing from us directly about our weekly Crowler offerings, please sign up below!

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