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In Our Experimental Era

Our two newest IPAs both utilize Hopsteiner’s experimental #16660 hop. One uses our house yeast, the other uses Omega’s Cosmic Punch thiolized yeast.

Rather than name them something boring and accurate like 16660.1 and 16660.2, we called the house IPA Taylor and the thiolized IPA Travis. This helps us both tell them apart and ideally floods the Beer Hall with Swifties and/or fans of elite tight end play in the dead of winter.

Hopsteiner #16660 has a tropical, citrus, and stone fruit profile. Travis leans more citrusy (grapefruit, lemon, pineapple) while Taylor’s version (get it) offers orange, malty aromatics.

(SCIENCE CORNER: For those unfamiliar, thiols are flavor and aromatic compounds found in hops and malt, and a thiolized yeast helps unlock those via biotransformation.)

Taylor and Travis are both on tap in the Beer Hall right now. Choose your favorite today.

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