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Batch 1000

We’re packaging our thousandth batch of beer at Surly’s Minneapolis facility this week. 1000 batches of anything is a lot–beer, station wagons, pajamas with friendly dinosaurs on them–and we’re incredibly grateful to all of you for helping us reach this milestone.

(Trivia: Batch 1 was Abrasive. When the beer hall opened on December 19, 2014, we went through beer so quickly that we were grabbing cans of it off the line just so people could have something to drink. We assume someone on Facebook complained that it “could’ve been fresher.”)

Batch 1000, appropriately enough, is 600 barrels of Furious. You’ll know you’re drinking one when you look at the bottom of the can:


Our eternal thanks to the brewers and production staff who made this and the preceding 999 batches possible.

2021 also marks the 15th anniversary of Furious, and as such, we’ll be celebrating it with the bars and patrons that have made this legendary beer Minnesota’s best-selling IPA. Watch our social channels for more details.

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