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The 2020 Surly Brand Calendar

2020. Just looking at that number, it feels like there should be jet packs and flying robot dogs. Instead we have *gestures at all the remarkably stupid stuff around us right now* this. Fortunately, there’s beer.

Without further ado, let’s introduce the 2020 Surly Brand Calendar.


  • Grapefruit Supreme. It started in our spring 2019 variety pack. The people wanted more. We released it as a standalone six pack for the summer. The people wanted more. We’re releasing it in six-packs and 12-packs this March and removing the seasonal tag. If that doesn’t do the trick, we’ll begin sourcing tallboys, 750s, party balls, gravity bongs, 50-gallon drums, and those planes they use for forest fires.
  • Rocket Surgery. The other breakout variety pack hit of 2019. This little miracle delivers the goods–hazy, juicy, hoppy, and soft. The aromatics and flavor of a hazy IPA in an easy-drinking package. You know what you want. Don’t overthink it. Find it in sixers and on draft all year starting in January.


We’ve tweaked the appearance of our cans before. We’ve updated our packaging as well. But we’ve never done a full teardown and revamp of our entire line, logos and all. Furious, Axe Man, Xtra, Hell, Coffee Bender: Everyone got a refresh. No shiplap, no backsplashes, no repurposed barnwood, just a crisp and clean look for your favorite flagships.



We have the Q1 and Q2 seasonals mapped out for the year, as Dots & Loops IPA gets the nod in January, and Stunner Tropical Ale returns in April. We have some good ideas for the other two, but we also like to see what takes off in our Beer Hall and Surly Pizza Upstairs, where visitors give us direct feedback on new styles and experiments from our brewers. (This is an unsubtle reminder for you to visit the Brewery to try the Next Big Thing before it’s the Next Big Thing and enjoy a great meal while you’re at it.)


Our series of small-batch, one-time beers really hit its stride in 2019, with a barrage of critically-acclaimed imperial kettle sours, double IPAs, and the occasional tequila barrel-aged dark lager. What’s ahead for 2020? Well, in January we’ll be rolling out At—JUST KIDDING, THESE WILL CONTINUE TO BE A MONTHLY SURPRISE FOR OUR FANS.


This February, for one time only, we welcome the return of Overrated! West Coast IPA in four-packs of 16 oz. cans. Please stop telling Stu to bring back Overrated! on Facebook.



With the caveat that all dates are tentative and that a brand calendar is a living, breathing document subject to change, plan your year around the return of your favorite releases, from variety packs to Rosé to Abrasive.


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