Pizza Returns

The Surly Pizza Upstairs oven is heating up and ready to bring back the New Haven-style pie back to the people. Here’s the top five things you need to know:

  • The New Haven-style apizzas are coming back with their unique thin crust served hot, fast, and fresh. SPU is the only pie shop in the Twin Cities serving up this style of pizza. The difference in this pizza is the dough. We use beer yeast in the creation process. Then it’s charred (not burnt) to perfection in the high heat oven. It’s an important difference!
  • Outside of the charred crust, the ideal balance of toppings sets it apart. Unlike your traditional Minnesota-style bar pizza with a square cut, this uses a lighter touch with fixings.
  • We’ll feature some of our favorites like the Walter White, a New Haven-style white potato pie, and the Spicoli, with sausage, radicchio, and onion. We’ll also be adding a few new items from our new Chef de Cuisine Joe Stoesz, including Clocks Ticking, with the controversial pineapple topping joined by prosciutto and jalapeno, and How You Doin’, a nod to the immortal Joey Tribbiani that utilizes fresh tomatoes. It’s a taste bud-changing pie.
  • The names for pizzas? They’re inspired by pizza scenes in movies and television series. You probably guessed this.
  • The opening of Pizza is phase 3 or the 4-phase reopening of the Surly beer hall. The final stage is the event center. That opening is TBA.

When we reopened the Beer Hall this summer, the main responses from our fans were 1. Great! and 2. When are you bringing the pizza back? We’re thrilled to report that Friday, September 10th is that day.

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