Definitive Few, Defined

WHAT: Based on a recipe from Surly’s own Shannon Stroh and brewed in our BC facility, Definitive Few is a righteous IPA dry-hopped on Waimea and Motueka for a citrusy, lemon-lime kick.

WHO: Shannon, along with Surly’s Julia MacLean and Paige Hiber, are members of Team Nevertheless, a group of Minnesota’s women craft brewers. 14 different Minnesota breweries were represented on brew day: Surly, Badger Hill, Unmapped, Dangerous Man, Pryes, South by Southeast, ENKI, Utepils, Lift Bridge, Torg, Spiral, Under Pressure, Boathouse Brothers, and Waconia.

WHY: Even with the explosive growth of craft brewing in Minnesota, women are sorely underrepresented on the brewing side. Team Nevertheless meets twice a year to collaborate, network, and empower. This February, they brewed Nevertheless IPA at Badger Hill. Definitive Few is next up.

WHEN/WHERE: We’re tapping Definitive Few at the Surly Beer Hall on Friday, October 22 at 3 pm. Shannon, Julia, Paige and a number of the other collaborators will be there to raise a toast to the project.

MORE FROM SHANNON, JULIA, AND PAIGE: Definitive Few is brewed with Golden Promise malt and a touch of red wheat, along with all Southern Hemisphere hops. This gives the beer a well-rounded body with a punch of tropical fruit and citrus! Definitive Few clocks in at just above 40 IBUs and sits at a solid 7% ABV. We’re super happy with the way it turned out, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

VIDEO: KARE’s Jennifer Hoff was at Brooklyn Center for brew day last month.

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