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520 Malcolm Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN, 55414

(763) 999-4040

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For advertising and media requests:

[email protected]


(Closed to public except for occasional tours)

4811 Dusharme Drive
Brooklyn Center, MN 55429

(763) 999-4040


Heather Lysne

[email protected]

Do you take reservations?

We take reservations on an extremely limited, case-by-case basis for parties of 10 or more during off-peak times, such as weekday lunch. We do not do call-ahead seating. For larger parties and events please refer to our Event Spaces page.

When will you be distributing to my state/city/nearest liquor store?

Some time between right now and the future. World domination takes time, folks. We’re always increasing production to get our beer to as many folks as possible. That’s why we built a giant brewery in Minneapolis in addition to the original mothership in Brooklyn Center. Keep an eye on our social channels and this here website. We’ll announce all expansion news there. Will it be your hometown? Maybe!

Where can I find Surly beer?

Click Find Surly to see which bars, restaurants, and liquor stores stock our beer near you. Or just visit our brewery. We make a hell of a lot of beer here, so it makes sense that we would have some in stock.

How do I request beer for my charity/event-type thing?

Visit Surly Gives a Damn, our charitable arm, for info on
requesting donations.

How do I get involved with Surly Gives A Damn?

Sign up for an event on our Surly Gives A Damn page. The odds of us buying you a beer afterward are substantially in your favor.

Are your beers vegan-friendly?

It’s beer, so it’s almost always very vegan-friendly. We’d get in a lot of trouble if a bunch of McRibs fell in our mash tun. THE EXCEPTION: When a beer style calls for lactose (a milk stout, for example), we make very sure it’s clearly noted.

Are any of your beers free of gluten?

While we do not have gluten-free beers, we occasionally make gluten-reduced beers, and note them as such on our beer menu.  These beers more than meet the standard for the gluten-free designation (less than 20 parts per million), but since we brew with real barley, not gluten-free grains, it has to be called gluten-reduced.

How do I share this great idea I have for a new Surly beer?

We're really, really good on this front. Thank you, though.

Can I get a beer at the Surly Brewery in Brooklyn Center?

We have reopened our original brewery to monthly tours, and you can sample beers as part of it. If you’re lucky you can take one with Surly founder Omar Ansari, who will tell you the story about the concrete saw and near-death experiences.

Can you ship me some beer?

No, due to Minnesota law we are unable to ship beer to consumers. Take it up with the state. Also, you should probably just come here and get some!

Why do you put beer in cans?

Why not? Cans are awesome, tough guy. They're superior to glass for keeping out light and oxygen. You can take them places where bottles aren’t allowed. They’re better for the environment. Your grandpa drank beer from a can, and he was in an actual war probably. The list goes on.

Do you sell growlers?

No, according to Minnesota law if a brewery brews over 20,000 barrels in a year they are not allowed to sell growlers. And we brew a hell of a lot more than 20,000 barrels.

Do you sell kegs?

That’s against the law around here. Go to your local liquor store. They’ll be happy to help. Don’t forget to buy cups. (The preceding sentence brought to you by whoever owns Red Solo Cups, Inc.)

How do I find out what events are happening and when?

So many ways, grasshopper. Check out our Events page. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any combination of the three. You will find what you’re looking for.

How do I know which Surly beers are available at a particular bar/restaurant/liquor store?

Call them, not us. We have no way of knowing up to the minute what’s on tap/in stock at places that carry us. Or just go there! Support a local business! Make a day out of it!

Are you hiring?

Yes, check out our Jobs page. Working here is fun. You should do it.

How do I get in on a tour?

Visit our Tours page for details.

What’s the best way to get from St. Cloud to Duluth?

Now, the standard way is to take 23 into Hinckley then get on 35 the rest of the way. What you can do, though, is just stay on 23 all the way. There’s a lot of winding roads and small towns on the route and it’s a real pretty drive in the summer and fall, especially south of Duluth.