Surly Gives a Damn is the public-spirited side of Surly. 


Our mission is to “tap” the passion and good will shared amongst Surly Nation to give back and to support our community. We follow through with this mission in two ways; firstly with donations of Surly beer and swag to local businesses and charitable organizations in need. Secondly, we provide ongoing opportunities for our volunteers to participate in Service Projects throughout the year.

If you are looking for a donation, our donation request information can be found here. If you are looking for a sponsorship, our sponsorship request information can be found here. Please note, we are no longer accepting paper requests. All requests must be made through an online form.


Upcoming 2014 SGAD Events ~ Mark your calendars!   


November 1st: Great River Greening Buckthorn Blast with SGAD & Dangerous Man Brewing Community Volunteers Sign up for this event TODAY!

On November 1st from 9:30am - 1:00pm in Katherine Abbott Park, Mahtomedi we (Dangerous Man & Surly) will be looking for a total of 160 volunteers. We are NOT messing around. We are going to be extracting A LOT of buckthorn out of the park. If you want to get your root wrench on, we would love to have you. After this fun event we will head back to the Surly Brewery taproom for a job well done beer AND you'll get a coupon to visit Dangerous Man for a beer at a later date. 

November 19th: Free Bikes 4 Kids ~ On Wednesday, November 19th from 6:00pm-9:00pm we will need 80 folks to head out to the FB4K warehouse to wash, spit shine and fix hundreds of bikes that will be given to kids in need at Christmas!  Sign up for this event will go live here and on Facebook on November 3, 2014.

December 3rd: Bridging Dresser Build ~ On December 3rd from 6:00pm-8:30pm we will be heading back to Bridging this year. They have 40 dressers they need built and have asked us if we would GET'ER DONE before 2015. So let's do this. We will need 50 SGAD volunteers to help us get our build on at the Bridging warehouse in Roseville. Sign up for this event will go live here and on Facebook on November 19th.

December 29th: Memorial Blood Center Surly Blood Drive ~ On December 29th from 12:00pm - 7:00pm we will be hosting the Surly Blood Letting at the Brooklyn Center facility. You will receive a free Surly pint glass and a coupon for a free beer at the new Surly Beer Hall in Minneapolis. Come help us make our goal of 50 pints of blood! You can pick your donation time right now. On the MBC home page, go to Donate Blood, then Search Blood Drives, choose Sponsor Code and type in 3731 to pick your donation time. 



We issue Surly Gives a Damn (SGAD) work shirts to all volunteers.  You will receive your shirt at your first project.  Once you have been issued a Surly Gives A Damn shirt, please wear it to all other SGAD events you volunteer for!

For those of you wanting to volunteer for SurlyFest, Darkness Day or dipping, please note, you need to volunteer for a Surly Gives A Damn event to be invited to volunteer for our BIG events. 


2014 Service Project Recap


October: MOCA & the Theodore Wirth Mt. Bike Trail Expansion ~ On October 6th from 5:00pm-dusk we had 25 REALLY STURDY SGAD volunteers to help work with MOCA to clear the corridor for new mountain bike trails at Theodore Wirth. Volunteer crews have been working for months and still have about a half-mile to go, we came out to help get it done! What does "clearing the corridor" mean? It means: clearing a hillside of buckthorn, scrub trees and brush by removing them from the roots and hauling them a short distance downhill to be picked up and destroyed by park forestry. BIG thanks to Smack Shack for partnering with us on this hard core event. 

September 4th: Fall Greenway Clean Up ~ On September 4th we had 60 SGAD volunteers head out to our adopted section of the Greenway (Chowen to Dean Parkway) to help prep it for this coming winter. In all actuality, it was much more than that. We pulled weeds, removed buckthorn and honeysuckle, then pruned, reshaped the garden bed and planted sumac at the Chowen Trail Head garden all in two hours time. Thank you SGAD volunteers for always digging deep. You rock! Big thanks to Rich Harrison for organizing us, Aaron and Tree Trust for planning, organizing and the use of your tools and to Burger Jones for always partnering with us no matter how bad we stink.

August 26th: Open Arms of Minnesota~Open Farms: On August 26th we had 20 volunteers head out to the Open Arms farm in St. Paul. In two hours they weeded, harvested, washed vegetables and did any other garden chores that needed to get done. Thank you to our SGAD volunteers who dug deep and to DeGidio's for being our event partner for this event.

July - September: Summer Greenway~Chown Garden Project ~ We have a small group of folks meeting on a monthly basis to maintain the park at Chowen and the Greenway (this is the start of our adopted section of the Greenway). The group is meeting July, August and September and is lead by Rich Harrison. My Burger is our summertime partner for this on-going event. Thanks everyone.

June 28th: UCare Tri-Loppet ~ We had 31 sturdy SGAD vols come out help set up, tear down and run the Surly transition area and water stop. They hauled an amazing number of canoes/kayaks for racers coming off the lake and got all the boats back to their home at Wheel Fun. After we were done, we made our way to the finish line of the race to enjoy a THANK YOU Surly beer and a little rest. 

June 2nd: Memorial Blood Center ~ On Monday, June 2 our Surly Blood Drive took place from Noon – 7:00pm at the brewery. We handed out a Surly pint glass with a coupon for a free beer at the taproom to all those who donated their blood and were able to get 39 units this time around. Thanks for coming out and helping save a life!

June 3rd: Greenway Clean Up ~ The beloved spring Greenway Clean Up took place on our adopted section of the Greenway, June 3rd from 6:00-8:00pm. Rich Harrison led the charge on pulling out buckthorn, invasive weeds and getting the park at Chowen all up to snuff. Thank you to the 65 volunteers who came out to help and to Burger Jones who once again gave our large, dirty, stinky group a place to land and have a cold one.

May 31st: People Incorporated ~ On Saturday, May 31 from 9:00am - 1:00pm 30 SGAD volunteers came out to help People Incorporated. Last year they built a raised-bed organic garden system where their clients could work with staff and community volunteers to grow fruits and veggies. This year, we helped give it a face-lift by doing a bit of landscaping, grading, shrub demolition/removal, weeding, watering, seeding, moving dirt /rock and planting many new plants around the property. Thank you for your hard work volunteers, you done good. Also big thanks to our event partners: Gastrotruck who came out to feed us and keep us fueled mid-event and Stanley's who gave us a place to land and have an ice cold Surly once our work was done. Well done all.

May 17th: Birdtown Races ~ We had 35 volunteers from 7:00am-Noon out lending a hand at the Birdtown Races. This was a great community wide event that ran right past the brewery. SGAD volunteers took over the finish line handing out medals, working a water-stop, handing out finish line food, being course marshals and helping with timing. Great job everyone, thank you for your help!

April 15th: Emergency Food Shelf Network ~We had 50 volunteers out to EFN on Tuesday, April 15th from 6:00-8:00pm. We helped serve 5,448 people in need by sorting donated foods, packing specialty food boxes and labling unlabed cans. Thanks to everyone who gave their all last night and to The Lodge for being our partner for this event!

April 12th: Rochester Parks Department ~ On Saturday, April 12, Surly Gives A Damn headed out of town for the first time! We teamed up with the Rochester Parks Department and got help form Schott Distributing who helped get the word out and lend so many hands to the venture. With 50 SGAD volunteers we were able to clean up garbage and winter storm debris from 11 different Rochester parks in three hours. Pretty awesome! Thanks to EVERYONE who helped out and to Glynner’s Pub for being our partner on this event. 

March 19th & 20th: Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore ~ Thank you to the 50 volunteers who came out on March 19th and 20th to help with organizing the ReStore store. With so few employees and so much stuff, having all the extra hands allows projects to get done that the staff would never have time to do on their own. Big thanks as well to Bricks American Pub who was our partner in crime for this event...two nights in a row. 

March 1st: Surly Polar Plunge Team ~ THANK YOU to everyone who supported us at the Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge this year! With all your help, Surly and Surly Nation donated over $6,000 dollars to the cause. I'm gonna be was COLD but really fun. Hope to see you out there next year.

February 26th:  Bridging Dresser BuildOn February 26th 46 SGAD volunteers made their way out to the Bridging warehouse in Roseville to get some work done. And work they did. The crew built 60 dressers in two hours time! Thank you volunteers for all your hard work and enthusiasm. Many families in need will now have a dresser due to your efforts. Thanks also to the Old Chicago crew in Roseville for partnering with us on this event. What a great place to land when all the work was done.

 Feb 1st & 2nd: City of Lakes Loppet We had an awesome showing at the City of Lakes Loppet weekend of events. Thanks to the Surly Kubb team who moved a bit farther then they did last year, the 2014 Surly Snow Schulpture team that made some amazing Surly art out of snow and ice and to all our SGAD volunteers who helped keep the beer flowing throughout the entire weekend. You did a great job, thank you for helping make the event a great success.

January 26th:Loppet Snow Sculpture Prep Team ~ On Sunday, January 26 from 1:00-5:00pm we had 30 awesome and amazing hardcore SGAD volunteers scoop, stomp and pile snow into 4'x4'x8' blocks for the City of Lakes Loppet Snow Sculpture contest during what was the most challanging conditions in SGAD history. There is no stopping Surly Nation! Thanks as well to Tryg's for partnering with us on this event.

January 20th: Second Harvest Heartland "Bring Your Child to Serve Day" ~ On Martin Luther King Day, Monday, January 20, we had 40 volunteers (kids and adults) head out to Second Harvest from 3:30-5:30pm to help sort an immense amount of rice. In total, the entire group helped sort over 10 thousand pounds so it could make its way into manageable serving sizes for families. Thanks to all of you for kicking our 2014 SGAD year off right. Also, a BIG thanks to Doolittles Woodfire Grill for partnering with us on this project and being our after work landing spot!



2013 Service Project Recap

December: Memorial Blood Center(MBC) On Monday, December 23rd the blood mobile came back out to the brewery for yet another blood letting. Everyone who came to help the cause received a pint glass and a coupon for a free Surly in the taproom at another time. Thank you to the folks who came out and saved a life. 

December: Salvation Army Toy Shop: Thursday, December 19th from 3:30pm-7:00pm we had 40 SGAD volunteers help out at the Minneapolis Nat'l Guard Armory. They helped run the Toy Shop by being escorts through the store to help families shop, Gift Table Stockers, Sorters and work the registers. The Toy Shop gives an opportunity for pre-registered low income families to select Christmas gifts for their children. BIG thanks to Stanley's NE for being our partner on this event.

December: Toys For TotsTaproom Toy Drive ~ We collected 122 toys from December 4th through December 14th for Toys For Tots this holiday season. Thanks to everyone who brought out a toy to donate!

November: Free Bikes 4 Kidz (FB4K): On Wednesday, November 20th from 6:00-9 :00pm we had 45 folks out to the FB4K Mendota Heights warehouse to wash, spit shine and fix hundreds of bikes that will be given to kids in need at Christmas! Thank you so much to all the volunteers who really dug in and cleaned a lot of bikes.  Thanks also to Lucky's 13 Pub who partnered with us for this great event.

October: Greenway Clean Up ~ 45 SGAD vols headed back out to our adopted section of the Greenway (Chowen to Dean Parkway) on October 10th from 4:30-6:30pm to help prep it for this coming winter. We pulled weeds and Burdock, Mother Wort and Buckthorn. Well done gang. Big thanks to Rich Harrison for leading us all throught he piles of invasive matter and to Burger Jones for partnering with us on this one.

September: Surly Trail Loppet ~ Thanks to the 15 volunteers who came out to help at the Surly Trail Loppet pouring beer and cheering on all the runners. 

August: Open Streets MPLS ~ On Sunday, August 11 from Noon-2:00pm we lent a hand as Street Monitors, Roving Ambassadors and Clean Up Crew to the Open Streets (Minnehaha Ave.) event.  We had 35 SGAD volunteers to help keep the streets real! Thanks so much to Longfellow Grill for partnering with us at this event!

July: People Incorporated DSL (Deaf Supportive Living) House ~ From 5:00-8:00pm 60 SGAD volunteers spent their evening at the DSL House giving the many walls, hallways and common spaces a new coat of paint. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to get that job completed. Also, thanks to Stanley's for being out partner on this one!

June:  UCare Tri-Loppet ~ 40 awesome, sturdy SGAD vols came out on June 29th to help set up, tear down and run the Surly transition area. What does this mean you ask? It means a lot of hauling of canoes/kayaks for racers coming off the lake and getting all the boats back to their homes. Thanks to all who worked tirelessly to make this event a success.

June:  Memorial Blood Center (MBC) On Friday, June 28 the blood mobile came on out to the brewery and gathered up 28 units of blood. Thanks to all those who so generously gave of their time and red stuff.

June: Greenway Clean Up ~ 50 SGAD vols were back out on our adopted section of the Greenway (Chowen to Dean Parkway) on June 4th cleaning it up and getting rid of buckthorn, burdock, motherwart and garlic mustard just to name a few of the invasive plants we tackled. Thanks to Burger Jones Uptown for being our awesome partner AGAIN on this event.

May: Second Harvest Heartland- Meals for Minds ~ 50 Surly volunteers helped get the Meals for Minds mobile food pantry set up and running at a local elementary school on May 9th.  Once it was ready to go, families came in to shop and the volunteers helped with picking out groceries and carry bags. What a great program, thanks Second Harvest Heartland and great job Surly Gives A Damn volunteers. Also, thank you to the  Uptown Tavern for being our partner for this event.

April: Great River Greening ~ We had 80 volunteers help plant 1500 trees at the Cedar Creek Conservation Area in Oak Grove on April 20th from 8:30am-Noon. After a snowstorm the buried the area in 12 inches of snow, we still shoveled out and carried on. Thanks to everyone who dug deep through the snow and soil, you did a GREAT JOB!

March: Emergency Foodshelf Network (EFN) ~ On Thursday, March 21st we had 50 SGAD volunteers pack, sort and box food at EFN. In just two hours we helped serve 5,580 folks. Big thanks to all the volunteers for their hard work, to EFN for the great projects and to The Lodge for partnering with us on this event. Cheers to a job well done!

February: Park Nicollet Luminary Loppet ~ On February 2 & 3 Surly volunteers helped pour beer all day at two Surly Beer Garden locations as well as handing out beers to the 4500 Luminary Loppet participants as they snowshoed, walked and skied the stunning Luminary course. Thank you to all who braved the cold to ensure good beer could be had.

January: Loppet Snow Sculpture Prep Team ~ On Sunday, January 27th from Noon-5:00pm we had 30 SAGD volunteers scoop, stomp and pile snow into 4'x4'x8' blocks for the City of Lakes Loppet Snow Sculpture contest.  After our work was done, we headed to Republic for some great grub and a nice cold Surly. Thanks to all of you for your hours of back breaking work and to Republic for partnering with us on this one.  Job well done.

January:  Bridging Dresser Build ~ Way to kick off the new year!  On January 10th we had 40 SGAD volunteers build 30 dressers, in two hours, for families in need. Thank you to all the volunteers, Bridging and  Old Chicago Roseville for partnering with us on the event and giving us a place to land when our work was done. 




2012 Service Project Recap


Surly Nation, in 2012, you took SGAD to new heights! 

Here are the stats:  17 projects, 667 volunteers and 3194 volunteer project hours.

Thanks to everyone who gave a Damn this year!


December:  MBC Blood Drive - Thank you to everyone who came out and gave their time and blood in the last days of 2012.

December:  Holidazzle with EFN.  Once again we joined in the fun of the Holidazzle parade.  On Thursday, December 13th we had 45 folks from 5:00pm-8:00pm get dressed up in Holidazzle finery and gathered canned goods and donations for the Emergency Foodshelf Network along the parade route. Thank you to 8th Street Grill for partnering with us on this event and thank you to all the SGAD vols who took their time to Give A Damn!

December: Madison's Christmas Wish Toy Drive - Surly collected 230 new unused toys, gifts and gift cards for children suffering the diagnosis of cancer. Thank you Surly Nation for bringing out so many toys and making a difference.  You made a lot of kiddos happy this holiday season.

November:  Free Bikes For Kids - On Tuesday, November 6th from 6:00-8:00pm, we had 35 folks washing, spit shining and fixing hundreds of bikes to be given to kids at Christmas!   Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out, Mainstreet Bar & Grill for partnering with us on this one and for FB4K for having us all out.

October:  The Greenway.  We had 45 amazing volunteers come out to our adopted section of the Greenway (Chowen to Dean Parkway) to rid this area of invasive plants, pick up garbage and get it ready for winter.  Thanks to all of you for helping out and a big shout out to Burger Jones for partnering with us on this event!

August: Our Tour Volunteers spent their Sunday afternoon making sandwiches for 363 Ministries.  Well, I'm not sure you could even call it an afternoon, they made 1,200 sandwiches in 54 minutes...WAY TO GO Tour Vols!  Mr. Law even came out to the brewery to tell us more about his program and to pick up all the sandwiches.  Thanks to all of you for helping.

July:  People Incorporated- On the evening of Thursday, July 26th from 5:30-8:00pm, we had 40 SGAD volunteers helping out People Incorporated.  Our group helped rebuild the deck, paint the foundation and finished off with a little landscaping for one of the Adult Foster Care homes in Apple Valley.  Thank you to everyone who BUILT IT and for The Valley Tap House who partnered with us on this event and hosted our after work gathering.

June: MBC Blood Drive -The blood mobile was back in action at the brewery on Friday, June 29th from 9:00am - 3:00pm.   Thank you so much to everyone who came out and gave!  We had a total of 46 units of blood given, helping to save 138 lives on this go-around.  Big kudos to the18 brand new donors who signed up!   Thanks again for your support in this effort.  Let's do it again in December.

June: U-Care City of Lakes Tri-LoppetThis event took place down at Brownie Lake.  We had 35 volunteers from 8:00am - 2:00pm set-up our Surly transition area, haul canoes/kayaks for racers coming off the lake and onto their run, run the water stop, and then tear everything back down.  A huge thanks to Rich Harrison who helped coordinate this event and to all our awesome volunteers who worked really hard to make this event a success. Cheers!

May 22nd-25th: Habitat for Humanity ~ A Brush with Kindness Program.  This was one of our biggest projects to date and thank you to all our volunteers who helped out. 66 SGAD vols worked 8:30 am - 4:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  We would have had 25 more but Thursday was a rain out-BOO!  Our project was a 1 1/2 story home in Brooklyn Center.  We preped, washed and paint the exterior of the home and attached garage.  We also helped in repairing and staining their fence.  Thank you to Panera Bread for partnering with us on this event and spliting the cost of the volunteer lunches.

May 8th AND May 10th: The Greenway.  Over a two-day period of time 75 hard-core, buckthorn pulling, SGAD volunteers headed to our adopted Surly section of the Greenway (Chowen to Dean Parkway).  This was our first Greenway Back to Back and did we ever get a lot done.  Great job to everyone who came out to rid the Greenway of invasive plants, Buckthorn, Garlic Mustard & Burdock BE GONE!  I would also like to extend a BIG thank you to Burger Jones and My Burger for partnering with us on these events. 

April: Open Farms.  30 folks headed out to Belle Plaine in the wind and the rain from 9:00am-Noon to help get the farm ready for the 2012 growing season. We planted seedlings, lots of onions, made a couple low tunnels, built an irrigation system, made seedling pots and prepped the soil with hoes and shovels.  THANKS SGAD vols, great job and thanks to Buffalo Tap for partnering with us on this event!

March:  People Incorporated. 45 SGAD volunteers spent 2 1/2 hours painting the inside of the P2 house in Minneapolis on Saturday, March 10. Thank you for all your hard work and great job getting it all covered!  Also, thank you to  Buster's on 28th for partnering with us on this event!

February:  The Loppet x 2.  Wednesday, February 1st found 50 SGAD volunteers stuffing 4500 race packets for the City of Lakes Loppet race participants.  We stuffed-it in record heat and record time at Calhoun Square.  BIG thanks to  Chiang Mai Thai who partnered with us for our after beer gathering!

Saturday, February 4th found 35 of our amazing volunteers pouring beer at the Luminary Loppet Surly stop (yes, I said SURLY stop!) and at the Luminary Party.  Thanks to all of you for helping make Surly such a big part the Loppet's weekend of events and helping things run so smoothly.

January: We went back to our roots; EFN was Surly Gives a Damn's very first project!  We had 50 volunteers help out on Wednesday, January 18th from 6:00pm - 8:00pm sorting and packaging food for EFN.  We worked on four different projects that will serve over 4,000 folks in need.

A big thanks to each of you for coming out to the Emergency Foodshelf Network and working so hard.  A special note of thanks to the EFN crew for organizing us and to the 3 Squares Restaurant for partnering with us on this event and giving us a place to land after our work was done.

Way to kick off SGAD 2012. 


2011 Service Project Recap

In short, Surly Nation rocked 2011!

Here are the stats:  14 projects, 616 volunteers, 1,566 volunteer project hours and 15, 014 pounds of food donated through tours.  

Thanks to everyone who lended a hand this past year.


Blood Drive  Surly and Memorial Center HOLIDAY Blood Drive happened on Thursday, December 29th from 9:00am-3:00pm at the brewery.  All donors received an empty Surly pint glass and had the chance to win a $25 Surly gift card.  Thank you all for giving of yourselves that last few days before the New Year. 

Madison's Christmas Wish  Well done Surly Nation, you donated 175 toys to Madison's Christmas Wish toy drive in just two tours.  Madison's parents were able to bring your generous donation of new unused toys, gifts and gift cards to children in the hospital suffering from the diagnosis of cancer.  Thanks for making their holiday season brighter. 

Bridging  For this event we teamed up with Bridging on Wednesday, December 7 from 6:00-8:00pm.  50 of our SGAD volunteers processed, folded (rolled) and organized EVERY blanket they had in the Roseville warehouse (2500).  Those blankets were donated to Bridging from the Subway Blankets for Bridging Drive a few days prior.  A BIG thanks to Grumpy's in Roseville for partnering with us and hosting the SGAD volunteers after our work was done.

Great job volunteers!

Free Bikes 4 Kidz  Great job Surly Gives a Damn volunteers!  46 of our volunteers went out to the Freewheel Midtown Bike Center on Thursday, November 17th to help work on the Free Bikes 4 Kidz program. We fixed up and cleaned 50 + donated children's bikes. These bikes will now be given away (sometime mid December) to parents who would not otherwise be able to afford to buy their kids a bike for Christmas.  

Thanks to Nice Ride MN for helping organize all of us and to Old Chicago in Uptown who partnered with us and hosted our after work Surly.

Greenway Clean Up  On October 11th, 45 SGAD volunteers did a massive buckthorn extraction and got our section of the Greenway ready for the winter!  You all did an utterly amazing job!  A BIG thank you to all our volunteers, to Rich Harrison for mapping out what was needed to be done and to Burger Jones in Uptown for generously partnering with us on this event, great job!

Ramsey House 

On September 14th, 45 Surly volunteers came out to paint the exterior deck of the Ramsey House in St. Paul.  The Safe Haven Services - Ramsey House assists chronically homeless adults with a mental illness achieve their goals related to safety, stability and recovery.  Thank you to all of our great volunteers and a special note of thanks to The Bulldog Lowertown for partnering with us on this event, it was the perfect place to land for our well deserved, after project, Surly.

On July 10th, 20 of our Surly Tour Volunteers banded together to make sandwiches for  We set up shop in the brewery and were able to make 961 sandwiches in less than two hours.  Way to go!

Memorial Blood Center Blood Drive

On Friday, July 1st from 9:00-3:00 pm, right before the long holiday weekend, we had 63 folks registered to come on out and give blood.  We had a total of 52 units of blood donated!  Because blood can be broken down into three components: Plasma, Platelets and Red Blood Cells the 52 whole units donated at the drive can be used to have 156 lives.

Thank you Surly Nation for giving of yourself!

 City of Lakes Tri Loppet

The City of Lakes Tri Loppet drew the LARGEST first time group of Surly Gives a Damn volunteers TO DATE!  Glad to have you on board folks.  We had 37 volunteers that helped out at the Tri Loppet on Saturday, June 25th.  The SGAD volunteers did everything from hauling canoes and kayaks, to setting up and tearing down snow fencing, manning the aide station right up the hill from Brownie Lake and even going above and beyond the call of duty to help tear down the finish line.  Great work to all.  

A special thanks to Rich Harrison for taking the lead on this heavy lifting service project and Kara Yanke for taking the lead at the Aide Station.  You guys rocked it out!

That cold keg of Surly at the finish line sure tasted good after this one.  Thanks again everyone.

Minneapolis Marathon

On Sunday, June 5th, 40 Surly Gives a Damn volunteers managed, cheered on runners, handed out water/powerade and had a whole lot of fun at our Surly water stop (miles 12.5 & 19.5).  

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to help. 

Midtown Greeway Spring Clean Up

40 of our hardest working volunteers showed up at our adopted section of the Greenway on Wednesday, May 25th from 4:30 - 6:30 pm for a spring clean up and invasive weed whacking.

Thanks to all of you for your hard work and thanks to Burger Jones for having our motly crew in for beers after our really dirty work was done.

Feed My Starving Children

54 of our SGAD volunteers headed to Feed My Starving Children on Thursday, April 21 to pack meals for malnourished children in Haiti.  In the 1.5 hours that our group was there, we packaged up 43 boxes of food to be sent off, that equals 9288 meals.  That number of meals will feed 25 kids, a meal a day, for an entire year. Great job everyone!

Also, a big thanks to the staff at Old Chicago in Eden Prairie who so generously hosted our group after all our work was done.  

Emergency Foodshelf Network

On March 21, 2011, 50 SGAD volunteers went back to the Emergency Foodshelf Network where Surly Gives A Damn took flight just one short year ago.  

In the two hours that we were there, we helped over 7540 people in need.  We worked on and completed the following projects:  packing 314 pounds of produce, packing 749 pounds of Holiday Meal Boxes, sorting through 1623 pounds of donated food and packing 759 pounds of pasta.  

After our job was done, we headed over to the New Hope Cinema Grill to enjoy a viewing of Beerfest.  A BIG thank you to them for the generous donation of space and for covering everyone's admission to the movie!

And a special thanks to all of our SGAD volunteers, on yet another job well done!

City of Lakes Loppet Race Packet Stuffing

Thank you to the 35 SGAD volunteers who helped stuff 3,500 race packets on Thursday, February 3rd for the City of Lakes Loppet weekend of events.  The packet stuffing took place at the Theodore Wirth Park Chalet and was accomplished in record time by our very smart and efficient crew.  After our job was done we headed out to Papa's, who generously partnered with us for this event, for a Surly on the house!

Great job everyone!

Opportunity Center - Saturday, January 15th 2011 from 9:00am - 3:00 pm, 35 of our most tenacious Surly volunteers dug in deep to paint the entire basement of the Opportunity Center near downtown Minneapolis.  The Opportunity Center helps folks who are experiencing homelessness connect with resources that will help them move towards self-sufficiency.  

These volunteers got to work and got the job done, that includes A LOT of trim work and two coats of paint! 

Pizza Luce partnered with us at this event, delivering our crew donated pizza for lunch and a wonderful place to hang out after our work was done. 

Thank you volunteers for all your hard work.  Job well done!


2010 Service Project Recap

Last minute call for blood with Memorial Blood Center

We got the call that blood was needed for the Holiday season and Surly Nation answered that call.  On December 28th from noon - 4:00 pm, 50 amazing folks signed up to give blood at the brewery.  Thank you to all who gave of themselves to help someone else.  What a great way to end our first Surly Gives a Damn year!


Holidazzle Parade & EFN

On Saturday, December 18th, 45 of our amazing Surly volunteers met up to march in the Holidazzle Parade.  They helped gather canned goods and monetary donations for the Emergency Foodshelf Network, all of which will help those in need this Holiday Season.

Nice work volunteers.


Fall Midtown Greenway Clean Up

On Wednesday, September 29th, 40 hard working Surly Gives A Damn volunteers showed up, at our adopted section of the Greenway, to take our second swing of the year at all the Buckthorn and Burdock in the area. You would not believe the piles of invasive plant material that was extracted out of the earth. 

Great work volunteers, we thank you!


Surly Blood Drive

Surly and Memorial Blood Center teamed up for our first ever Give a Pint & Get a Pint (empty pint glass that is) Blood Drive on July 28th at the brewery.  We had an amazing turn out, for a first time drive, with 60 registered donors and 21 first time donors.  Collecting a total of 53 units of blood, saving 159 lives.

Special props go out to our first time blood donors (you know who you are) and many thanks to ALL OF YOU for donating your time and your blood.


Minneapolis Marathon

On Sunday, June 6th our Surly Volunteer Army took to the streets of Minneapolis to support the Minneapolis Marathon at the Surly water stop (stop #9) at miles 12.5 & 19.5.  Our 40 volunteers handed out water, powerade, bananas and oranges to the 1,148 runners.  They also doled out an immense amount of encouragement along the way.


Thank you to all the volunteers!


Midtown Greenway

Surly teamed up with the Midtown Greenway Coalition and adopted a section of the Greenway.  Adopting a portion of the Greenway allows us the opportunity to keep it beautiful twice a year. 

On April 20th, 50 of our very own volunteers, rolled up their sleeves and pitched in by picking up garbage, hand plucking invasive weeds such as Burdock, Motherwort and Garlic Mustard and even took to uprooting a tremendous amount of Buckthorn.  That was hard work, but well worth the effort!

Since we were so close to Earth Day we decided to see how many folks could walk, bike, carpool or take mass transit.  I am happy to report 95% of our participants went green! 

Way to go everyone.


Emergency Foodshelf Network

On March 3rd, with the help of 50 Surly loving volunteers, Surly Gives a Damn kicked off its very first service project!

We partnered with The Emergency Foodshelf Network to work on several different packing projects. In just two short hours, our volunteer army packed up over 700 boxes of food, sorted through 8808 pounds of donated food and then packed it all up for various food shelves.  We ended up serving 3387 folks in need, all in one night.


Have an idea for a Service Project?  Let us know about it and email us at