• Minneapolis Brewery, Beer Hall & Restaurants
    520 Malcolm Ave SE
    Minneapolis, MN, 55414
    Map & Directions
    (763) 999-4040
  • Brooklyn Center Brewery
    Closed to the public
    4811 Dusharme Drive
    Brooklyn Center, MN, 55429
    (763) 535-3330
  • General Contact
    Contact us using the form above or email:
  • Sales Request
    Heather Lysne
    Minneapolis, MN
  • Public Relations Contact
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  • Events Director
    Andrea Graham
    Minneapolis, MN

Donation Requests

Donation Requests:

Visit our Surly Gives A Damn page for donations info.


Toggle Section Where can I find Surly beer?

Click Find Surly to see which bars, restaurants, and liquor stores stock our beer near you. Or visit our brewery in Minneapolis to Get Surly at the source.

Toggle Section Do you take reservations?

We do not take any reservations in the Beer Hall, all seating is first come first served. For larger parties and events please refer to our Events Spaces page.

Toggle Section When will you be distributing to my state/city/nearest liquor store?

Make sure we don’t already: Find Surly. Otherwise, sometime between someday and never. We're always increasing production to get our beer to as many folks as possible. That's why we built a big ass brewery in Minneapolis. So, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter and our News page. That’s where we’d announce distribution expansion news and beer events in new and exciting places—like wherever you live.

Toggle Section Can you ship me your beer?

No, due to Minnesota law we are unable to ship beer to consumers.

Toggle Section Why do you put beer in cans?

Cans are awesome. They keep light and oxygen (bad for beer) out better than bottles. You can take them places you can't have bottles. They're better for the environment. The list goes on...

Toggle Section Do you sell growlers?

No, according to Minnesota law if a brewery brews over 20,000 barrels in a year they are not allowed to sell growlers. And we brew more than 20,000 barrels.

Toggle Section What about kegs? Do you sell those?

That's against the law 'round here. All kegs need to be purchased from local liquor stores.

Toggle Section How do I request beer for my charity/event thing?

Visit our Surly Gives A Damn page for info on requesting donations.

Toggle Section How do I know what Surly beers are available at a particular bar/restaurant/liquor store?

Call them, not us. We have no way of knowing what’s on tap/in stock at places that get Surly. Or just go there.

Toggle Section How do I find what events are happening and when?

Check out our Events page, or Twitter and Facebook.

Toggle Section How do I get involved with Surly Gives A Damn?

Sign up for an upcoming event on our Surly Gives A Damn page.

Toggle Section Are your beers vegan-friendly?

Yes, our beers are vegan friendly. We stopped performing animal sacrifices years ago. But seriously, we don’t use any animal products in the processing of our beer.

Toggle Section Are any of your beers free of gluten?

While we do not have gluten-free beers, our Pilsner and Hopshifter have reduced gluten.

Toggle Section Are you hiring?

Yes. Check out our Jobs page.

Toggle Section How do I get in on a tour?

Visit our Tours page for info.

Toggle Section I’m with the news media, who should I talk to for info?

Contact Surly's media team at [email protected].

Toggle Section How do I share this great idea I have for a Surly beer?

Email it to [email protected].

Toggle Section Can I get a beer at the Surly Brewery in Brooklyn Center?

Negative. Only our Minneapolis brewery is open to the public.