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Two Truths and an IPA

Tuesday, 2/22/22. A remarkable day.

Not only is it the birthday of American legends like Kyle MacLachlan, Julius “Dr. J” Erving, and Don Pardo*, it’s also an extraordinary confluence of twos. The only way you could cram more twos into one day is to wait 200 years for 2/22/2222. Since Surly is staffed by mortals who won’t be around that long, we refuse to wait that long to celebrate.

To mark this Titanic Twosday, we’re doubling down and releasing Two Too Much, a double dry-hopped hazy double IPA. It’s twos all the way down, with twice the hops, twice the haze, and twice the juice. Hitting shelves and tap lines as you read this, it’s so nice you’ll drink it twice.

The particulars:

  • Hops: Galaxy, Citra, Mosaic, Experimental
  • Malt: Vienna, 2-Row, Flaked Oats, Unmalted Wheat, Malted Oats
  • Yeast: Hazy Ale
  • Pour: Hazy Golden
  • Bitterness: Low
  • ABV: 9.0%

*Yes, George Washington was also born on 2/22, but George Washington couldn’t dunk, wasn’t on Twin Peaks, and never introduced Phil Hartman on Saturday Night Live.

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