This Father’s Day, Choose The Hop Pack

This year give the Father’s Day gift that keeps on giving for twelve glorious cans. Surly’s 2021 Hop Pack is the thoughtful gesture that says “Hey, Dad, these are all better served cold, please don’t warm store them in the unattached garage.”

All four varieties are ideal for the Dad in your life, even if they’re not a Dad but exhibit profoundly Dad-like tendencies.

SCREEN TIME: This DDH Pale Ale complements the watching of golf on television, then the nap that soon follows. A tradition unlike any other.

IMPOSSIBLE OBJECTS: Is there a tennis shoe that is too white for Dad to wear to Menards? Science and technology tell us this apocryphal footwear is an impossible object. Our juicy IPA, featuring an entirely dry-hopped blend of Sabro, El Dorado, Amarillo, and Citra, was once thought impossible, too. Keep reaching for the stars, New Balance.

FURIOUS: The weatherman botches the forecast. The DIY repair project goes pear-shaped. The driver in front of him is crawling, while the driver behind him thinks 35E is Talladega. Wheel of Fortune is pre-empted. It’s enough to make Dad…you see where we’re going with this.

MEAN STREETS: When Dad talks about his hardscrabble upbringing on the Mean Streets of Anoka or Fergus Falls, this Sultana-hopped IPA is there. The pine and lemony-citrus notes are the perfect match for a 57th retelling of the time he walked to school every day and now the kids have Tik Tok.

The Hop Pack is available to all Surly markets. Dads, feel free to buy for yourself if you get a tie, coffee mug, or “WORLD’S GREATEST FART MACHINE” t-shirt again.

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