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The Surly Guide to Big Game Beer Pairings

The Big Game is this Sunday. As a brewery, we have two choices:

  1. Spend a zillion dollars to air an ad during the game and become an Official Partner, or
  2. Have the copywriter work up some beer pairings for your watch party and call it “The Big Game” or some other nonsense so we don’t get a cease-and-desist from a phalanx of competent and handsome attorneys.

Surly chooses the fiscally responsible second option.

A lot of situations will arise over the course of Sunday’s festivities. Thankfully, there’s a Surly beer for every occasion. Be prepared.

SCENARIO: “I only watch it for the commercials.”

PAIRING: If you based any investment decisions off the parade of commercials for crypto last year, you could probably use some good news for a change. With that in mind, we’d like to remind you that One Man Mosh Pit Hazy IPA is back and now available year-round. Available in sixers and 12-packs, it’s tropical, juicy, and doesn’t need Matt Damon to sell it.

SCENARIO: Someone whines about the halftime show.

PAIRING: You know the guy. “Prince was alright, I guess.” “Why don’t they have bands anymore?” “This is just noise.” Plug his complaint hole with a Furious IPA. It’s Minnesota’s #1 craft beer and it’ll keep him from saying something about Rihanna that gets him thrown in a snowbank.

SCENARIO: Some of the partygoers have embraced the California Sober lifestyle.

PAIRING: Take Five THC Lime Tonic. 5mg THC. Zero alcohol. And unlike the buffalo chicken dip, zero calories.

SCENARIO: Guests begin commiserating about how Minnesota’s season ended.

PAIRING: Sigh. Remember the Buffalo game? 4th-and-18? Hopes? Dreams? Reach for Darkness. Our legendary imperial stout and its variants are perfect for sharing with your fellow mourners. (For the eternal optimists, Before I Die returns later this year.)

SCENARIO: You have an 8am Zoom call on Monday.

PAIRING: Every year, some news outlet that should know better publishes a story about how unproductive the Monday after the Super Bowl is. Every year, that story is complete BS from the Department of Made-Up Statistics, but that’s besides the point. The alarm is going off at 5:30 either way. Take it easier with Logic Bomb, our approachable pale ale that still packs full hop flavor.

SCENARIO: The game is tight in the waning minutes.

PAIRING: Controlled Chaos West Coast-Style IPA. It’s not the official beer of the two-minute offense, but it oughta be.

SCENARIO: You’re in charge of the beer. The host likes IPAs but won’t commit to a style. The host’s partner doesn’t want anything too strong. The host’s cousin Randy wants “Surley’s,” meaning he wants Furious.

PAIRING: Surly Selects Variety Pack. Fortunately, our new year-round variety pack gives you multiple IPA options, a juicy pale ale, and Furious. And don’t forget ice. Always bring extra ice.

A reminder that the Surly Beer Hall closes at 4pm on Sunday, but you’re welcome to come in and pre-game. Brunch service begins at 10am and we have crowlers and Take Five 4-packs to-go.

Photo by Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplash


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