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The Patio Beer, Explained

It’s time for a Patio Beer. One of the finest beers in the universe, in the same rarefied air as the Friday Beer, the Vacation Beer, and the Errand Beer. Enjoyed outside, the sun warm on your face, surrounded by your fellow winter survivors. The grill is up and running. Someone’s playing Tom Petty. It’s the best beer you’ve ever had in your life.

There’s no “right” answer to what the best Patio Beer is. It can be a crushable beer like Before I Die or Surly Lemonade. It can be on the hazy and juicy spectrum, like One Man Mosh Pit or Logic Bomb. It can be Furious, a true beer for all seasons. Hell, if you decide that this is the time to reach for a vintage Darkness, you do you.

Maybe you’re drinking it here. Maybe it’s at your neighborhood bar. Maybe it’s just you and the dog and the backyard.

The important thing is, you’re having a Patio Beer. You made it. We made it.

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