The Gang Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

Surly has an actual Irish beer in stores this St. Patrick’s Day. No, it’s not Xtra with green food coloring.

Sharp like a straight razor and smooth as a Gaelic brogue, Razor Gang Dry Irish Stout combines rich roasted malt flavor with a sweet cocoa-like body and dry finish. It’s one of the featured beers in our Unusual Suspects Variety Pack, available to all Surly markets.

Of course, that’s just the most obvious connection between Unusual Suspects and the preferred holiday of recreational beer enthusiasts. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find Irish connections to all four beers in the pack:

  • Furious. Our flagship IPA has been part of every seasonal variety pack since we started making them. WHAT MAKES IT IRISH? Part of the Furious malt bill is roasted barley. You know what grows in Ireland? Barley.
  • Get Loud! This hazy wheat IPA brings the noise with a wheat ale’s fruit-forward tang and a citrus-heavy jolt of hops for a complex IPA that screams with flavor. WHAT MAKES IT IRISH? This was a tough one, given that the beer profiles German-American, but Thin Lizzy was from Ireland and they got loud.
  • Rivet Head. Fastening a heavy dose of citrusy hop flavor to a dry and slightly sweet malt backbone, Rivet Head provides a classic take on the West Coast IPA. WHAT MAKES IT IRISH? We found a box of Irish rivets on the internet. It counts.

We think you’ll agree that the rich Irish heritage of Unusual Suspects is self-evident, making it the perfect choice for any St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Get yours today before they’re all gone!

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