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The Family Band

Live music is in the Surly DNA. From the metallic onslaught of Darkness Day to the genre-hopping acts at Festival Field to the guy on stilts who played accordion that one year at Oktoberfest, it’s the air we breathe. The employees that aren’t in bands attend the shows of the employees that are.

Our new Mosh Pit brand family takes that inspiration and runs with it. Three unique beers, all thrashing with ample hops and righteous fury:

Mosh Pit Juicy Pale. Breweries and bands don’t start on the big stage. They all tend to start in someone’s garage. They try, fail, adjust, try again, fail again, tweak something here, mess around with something over there, and through some cocktail of talent, persistence, and divine inspiration, they create something remarkable. This is that, in liquid form. Approachable, full-flavored, and begging for another sip.

Mosh Pit Hazy IPA. The family flagship. Minnesota punches above its weight musically, and our house hazy upholds that tradition behind the bar. Juicy without being cloying, hazy without being murky, and always worthy of an encore. See you in the Pit.

Mosh Pit Imperial IPA. Lace up your Docs, put on your cleanest dirty flannel, and dive into the waiting arms of your fellow hopheads. No frills, no keyboard solos, no guy in a cape singing about unicorns or hobbits. Just a full-on face melter, with Idaho 7™, Sabro, Amarillo, Citra, and Cascade hops leading the attack.

Mosh Pit Juicy and Mosh Pit Hazy hit stores in February, with Mosh Pit Imperial landing in March. Turn it up. All the way up.



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