The 2023 Surly Brand Calendar

Welcome to the 2023 Surly Brand Calendar. Perhaps our favorite post of the year, it allows us to share all the extremely cool stuff we’ve been working on and allows Terry in Little Falls to yell at us on Facebook for not canning Fiery Hell. Everybody wins! Let’s get to it!


Back by popular demand, our very first hazy IPA returns on a permanent basis in both six and 12-packs. In addition, Drips & Drops stays in our rotation for all your hazy tallboy needs. WHEN: Look for it locally this month and the rest of our distribution footprint in February.


Introducing Surly Selects, a collection of our hoppiest and heaviest hitters: Furious, Controlled Chaos, Logic Bomb, and One Man Mosh Pit, all in one place, all year long. WHEN: February.


We’ve been piloting lemonade-influenced beers at our Beer Hall for most of the last year. We’ve landed on one that hits that sweet-and-sour spot to perfection. WHEN: Lemonade Refreshing Ale joins our year-round lineup in March.


Don’t call them blah-gers, beer nerds. Locals have been snapping up every available Before I Die lager the last few months, particularly on football Sundays. Funny how that works. It’s transitioning to six and 12-packs in the new year and will be available to all Surly markets. WHEN: May.


Both Double Bladed Axe Man and Double Furious return this year. Two of America’s highest-rated IPAs, doubled. WHEN: Double Bladed Axe Man is hitting stores as you read this. Double Furious lands in April.

You can read the full calendar, including release dates for Darkness, Abrasive, and Oktoberfest, below. A reminder that this is a living document. Things change, priorities shift, supply chains go berserk, and opportunities present themselves. Before I Die wasn’t even a blip on the Surly radar this time last year.  There are at least two beers not listed below that we’re stoked about rolling out to bars and liquor stores in the coming months. Still, this is our roadmap for 2023. We look forward to raising a can/pint with you here, there, and everywhere you get Surly.


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