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SGAD Spotlight: The Loppet Foundation

Surly Gives A Damn (SGAD) works with many charitable organizations across the Twin Cities to give back to the communities and neighborhoods that support us. Throughout 2021, we’re going to highlight some of the longest-running SGAD partners and what they do.

Who:  The Loppet Foundation

What: Founded in 2002, The Loppet Foundation changes lives. Underserved youth pursue new adventures through their programs. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy trails that they steward in Theodore Wirth Park in partnership with the Minneapolis Park & Recreation board. Athletes of all levels challenge themselves in year-round Loppet events and through their clubs and training classes. They bring people together and get them outdoors and active. Year-round. In Minnesota.

How: Surly Gives A Damn’s partnership started in 2011. Surly Brewing’s partnership predates that, as we’ve been providing beer sponsorship almost since its inception. Since we were already donating beer it seemed only logical to have SGAD get involved. We had volunteers not only help with beer but also lending a hand at each event (The Surly Trail Loppet, The Winter Festival, The Tri-Loppet, and the City Trail Loppet), doing whatever was asked.

Many of the events took volunteers who loved the Loppet’s mission and were also hardcore/Minnesotan enough to volunteer in the hottest (hauling canoes and kayaks uphill during the Tri Loppet) and coldest of weather conditions (building and filling snow sculpture forms in blizzards) and straight-up loving it.

SGAD’s Mary Sellke on The Loppet: “Loppet events never, ever disappoint and you’re always ready for a cold beer once your volunteering is done. Even when it’s below zero.”

The Loppet Foundation’s Paul Johnson on SGAD: “It is hard to imagine Loppet history without SGAD volunteers. Regardless of the crazy tasks we’ve lobbed their way over the years, SGAD has embraced it. Even in the craziest weather Minnesota can dish out any time of the year. And I mean the craziest – bitter winter cold to steamy summer storms. And they do it with enthusiasm and energy! We would be hard-pressed to make those tasks manageable without their help. Our events have been immeasurably enhanced by their efforts.”

The Future: The Loppet’s calendar of events can be found here. You’ll likely find our beer, our volunteers, or both at them.

If you’re interested in becoming a Loppet Foundation member, you can find that information here.


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