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Occult Following

Certain things defy easy answers. Scientists are baffled. Religion offers no solution. When reason and faith are abandoned, when the standard frames of reference break down and rational explanations can’t be found, we’re left with something…else.

Occult Philosophy reads the tea leaves, rolls the bones, and reveals the final card. This hop-heavy and hazy double dry-hopped double IPA features Lotus, Mosaic, and Strata hops for an almost supernatural experience. Soft, juicy, and inexplicably smooth, Occult Philosophy finds fortune and favor deep within its swirling mists. Our latest BC Small Batch release is available beginning Monday, June 28th.

The particulars:

  • ABV: 9.2%
  • Bitterness: Low
  • Hops: (dry hop) Lotus, Strata, Mosaic, Amarillo
  • Yeast: Hazy Ale
  • Malt: Golden Promise, 2-Row, Honey Malt, Oat Malt, Golden Naked Oats, Unmalted Wheat, Flaked Rye, Flaked Oats
  • Pour: Hazy Gold

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