Noise Made

When Surly brewed our version of Brave Noise Pale Ale, we were asked to select a worthy cause to whom we could donate the proceeds from each pint sold. We chose RAINN, America’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. The last keg of Brave Noise kicked in our Beer Hall last week, and we’re pleased to announce that our patrons helped us raise $14,800!

As we said when we announced our participation in the project, the work of making craft beer a safer, more inclusive place for women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ individuals won’t be done when the beer’s gone. Surly is continuing that process. We recently completed a follow-up DE&I survey. We have more listen-and-learns on the calendar covering issues like preventing harassment, navigating uncomfortable conversations, and maintaining inclusive environments. There will be continued HR transparency on harassment and discrimination policies and procedures, more work on festival expectations and bar rules, and ongoing transparency about the entire process.

We’d like to thank everyone who stopped in the Beer Hall to support the cause and Brave Noise for getting this conversation started. Let’s keep talking.

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