Introducing the 2021 Darkness Variants

In 2020, we sent Darkness variants to stores for the very first time. The universal acclaim means that in 2021, we’re sending Darkness variants to stores for the second time. If you think sequels can’t equal the original, think again.

Your 2021 selections:

Gimme S’More Darkness. Gather ’round the campfire with this Darkness variant conceived by Surly’s Dave McGrath. Aged on vanilla and cinnamon in bourbon barrels, Gimme S’more more than lives up to its name.

McGrath, a degenerate Miami Dolphins fan, was able to stop talking about Tua Tagavailoa long enough to tell us more about the beer:

“At its best, I think Darkness has an intoxicating burnt marshmallow character to it that is unique and is a great part to its complexity. With this variant, the goal was to try and turn up the volume on that note and add chocolate and graham cracker notes to create something truly decadent. Using the bourbon barrels, extra vanilla beans, cinnamon and a bunch of cacao powder, I think we’ve created an ale that showcases the world-class beer that is Darkness, but with a few amplified characteristics that change the balance and experience in a fun, interesting, and delicious way. A true variant.”

Midnight Manhattan Darkness. Inspired by the classic cocktail, our legendary Russian imperial stout gets aged on cherries and orange peels in bourbon barrels. Moderately sweet, it’s also an aromatic knockout with notes of chocolate, molasses, toffee, and oak. First, we drink Manhattan. Then we drink again.

Blueberry Crumble Darkness. Pairing one Upper Midwest institution with another, Blueberry Crumble Darkness adds blueberries, vanilla, and lemon peel to the party before aging in rum barrels. Just like grandma used to make (if grandma had access to mash tuns, a barreling program, etc.).

These variants begin hitting stores the week off December 6th. As with 13 and our anniversary beer, you can find these in individually boxed 16 oz. cans. Artwork is by 2021 Darkness artist Justin Bergo, boxes are courtesy of local geniuses Studio On Fire.

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