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Get Surly at Target Field

Drinking beer outside is our divine right as Minnesotans. Potholes and ice dams. Wind chill and black ice. 90 inches of snow and six months of unrelenting gray. We earn it.

If you can pair that with sunshine and a professional baseball game at one of the best stadiums in America, all the better. There are 81 opportunities to get Surly at Target Field this year. Embrace them. Here’s where to find us:

  • Gate 34
  • Surly Tallboy Station, Section 128
  • Canned Beer Stations, Sections 116, 126, 210, 223
  • Truly On Deck
  • Twins Pub
  • Hrbek’s
  • Town Ball Tavern
  • Minnie & Paul’s

We’ll start the season with Furious, Grapefruit Supreme, and Logic Bomb. As the weather warms, we’ll add One Man Mosh Pit and Surly Lemonade to the rotation.

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