Darkness Variant #1: Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cherry Vanilla

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring the most talked-about part of our 2018 Darkness Day blowout in Somerset: Darkness variants. We’ve experimented with complementary flavors for our Russian imperial stout in the Beer Hall and at select beer festivals, but never before to this extent. To say we’re excited to roll these out to the Darkness Day faithful is an understatement.

TODAY’S SUBJECT: Bourbon barrel-aged Darkness with vanilla bean and cherry added.

BARRELS: First-use (for beer) bourbon barrels. “Having access to first-use barrels is always exciting for us,” says Head Brewer Ben Smith. “The interaction between Darkness and the barrel is hard to top.”

FLAVORS: Vanilla bean (“Vanilla is ridiculously expensive right now,” says Smith. “Don’t tell Omar.”) and cherry puree. Both ingredients are being added during the barrel-aging process, spiking the cherry notes of the traditional Darkness flavor/aromatic profile (cherry, chocolate, coffee, raisin, and toffee) and adding a wave of vanilla sweetness.

AVAILABILITY: As noted, all three variants are exclusive to Darkness Day, and that variant ticket package is right here. Camp out, enjoy the show, check out the guest breweries, take part in the bottle share, and/or just bring them home and enjoy. We’re not your mom (but you should definitely party with us).

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