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Darkness Day 2024 Band Bios

God Came From Space  
At the end of the last Millennium, Todd Petterson and Kevin Bigelow from Dumpster Juice were exploring new directions and outlets for their prolific output. Their efforts resulted in God Came From Space. Augmented by our very own, Slayrah (18+ years at Surly) from Hot Karl and Sugar Freek and Steve Post from Realm and Zebulon Pike, they refined their current sound in new and old ways. Soaring dual guitar solos, a pounding rhythm section and thoughtful and sometimes cryptic lyrics, with a cautious disdain for the redundant and cliché.

Impaler is an American horror-themed heavy metal/speed metal band from Minnesota. The band has a theatrical show which features fake blood, cages, coffins, latex severed heads, and a finale that includes a mock disemboweling of victims. Background vocalist, Dr. Corpse, bears a striking resemblance to Surly’s Zach Lindsay, returns to provide bloody, disgusting mayhem. (This is a compliment.)

A doomed heavy metal band from Denver, Co. Formed in 2012 the group rose from the underground with their 2015 album Absolution. The following year, 2016’s Hunted ensnared critics and fans across the globe and was named album of the year by Decibel magazine and among the top metal albums of the year by Rolling Stone. After pursuing a busy touring schedule in Europe and North America, Khemmis returned with their third full-length record, Desolation, in late 2018 to further acclaim. This is the critically acclaimed band’s third Darkness Day appearance. Drummer Zach Coleman is also the head brewer at the awesome TRVE Brewing, a Surly collaborator with locations in Denver and Asheville

Hailing from the heart of the Twin Cities, ROT ignites stages with a ferocity that is unmistakable. Formed in the depths of DIY venues and basement shows, ROT is fueled by a relentless passion for raw, no holds barred music. Their sound is achieved through channeling the energy and aggression of classic hardcore while infusing it with a modern metallic edge.

With influences ranging from metal pioneers like Pantera and Sepultura to contemporary heavyweights like Kublai Khan and Stick to Your Guns, ROT delivers a sonic barrage that hits like buckshot to the chest. Their lyrics, tackling themes of societal decay, personal struggle, and the never-ending quest for authenticity, resonate with a raw honesty that cuts through the noise and gives the listener something tangible.

Since their inception, ROT has been a mainstay of the local scene, tearing up stages across the Twin Cities and beyond with explosive live performances. From dingy house shows to packed-out venues, ROT leaves audiences battered, bruised, and craving more. With a number of releases under their belt, ROT is gearing up to unleash a string of singles over the coming months, promising to be a relentless sonic onslaught that will solidify their status as one of the Midwest’s most formidable metallic hardcore acts.

For fans of relentless energy, unapologetic aggression, and uncompromising honesty, ROT is the band to watch. In a world filled with chaos and uncertainty, their music serves as a cathartic release—a sonic middle finger to the status quo. Brace yourselves, because ROT is here to take over

The Rumours
A rock band based out of Waterloo, IA. The once, straight up Rock N Roll band finally made-out Punk – leaving you beggin’ for more with their Kick-In-The-Face look & sound. It’s all about HOOKS, LOOKS & LOUD GUITARS.

Christy Costello
Christy is a long-time mover and shaker from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Vocal styles are in the key of smoke, grit, soul and life. She is also a songwriter, guitar player, bass player, disc jock, talent buyer, promoter, mother and yogi.
Bands Active: self, Monica LaPlante, COMA CLUB, Extraterrestrials
Bands Past: Butchers Union, Pink Mink, The Von Bondies, Ouija Radio, Blaha & Costello

Mean Jeans
Since the moment they started 15 years ago, Mean Jeans have been creating their own slime punk fantasy world. Study their six previous album covers and you’ll find junkyards full of bongs and yo-yos, macaroni galaxies, Jägermeister spaceships, alien saxophonists and pink slugs in bondage dripping ooze. On their newest full-length album Blasted, the goofball trio have clearly been through wild years and seen some shit—on the cover, the three members peer out of toxic waste bins, no longer cartoons of themselves but instead incredulous country-fried maniacs who are still following a slime punk dream, and dealing with where it’s led them.

Which isn’t to say the Jeans are jaded. In fact, the band—Billy Jeans, Houndy and Junior Jeans—seem to be having as much fun as ever on this record, ripping through these 15 rapid fire ear worms without coming up for air. They seem equally focused on tight catchy songwriting and packing in Easter eggs and absurd lyrical references, including (but certainly not limited to) Tim Armstrong’s X-Files cameo, Mike Schank’s PCP overdose story in American Movie, multiple songs with lyrics about their space-obsessed kindred pop-punker Tom DeLonge, a chorus borrowed from Seal, and a not-very-legal piano collage of well-known pop-punk melodies.

Anyway, this record is a frantic and frenetic joyride, though probably one made in Rick from Rick And Morty’s Space Cruiser and through time and space, rather than any form of road-based vehicle here on Earth. But that energy was enhanced by the fact the band recorded Blasted all by themselves here on this planet. Well, at The Trash Treasury in Portland, OR, at any rate—the city where the band first got together and which is one of the least Earth-like cities on, well, Earth. At their own behest, the trio were left entirely to their own devices, putting themselves through their own physical paces by trying to be in two places—the control room and the recording room—at once. One of Rick’s portal guns might have helped make it easier, but who needs a producer or engineer? It is just another cook waiting to spoil that delicious, fluorescent green, slime punk broth.

“Studio time is just more fun when no one’s in charge,” says Billy Jeans. “To some extent, I know what I’m doing, and to some extent the other dudes know what they’re doing, but none of us are pro at all. Like, Junior would have to run over to the control room, hit the record button and then run back, all while holding the bass, and then we’d play. It’s idiotic, but when it’s just the three of us fucking around, the vibe is there.”

“We’re a band in it for the good times,” he says. I’ve always thought if we’re not having fun, then it isn’t Mean Jeans. Which isn’t a recipe for success in the music biz, but I could bitch about that all day if you want. What’s the difference between being a bitch and being punk?”

He doesn’t answer his own question, but it might be found somewhere in these songs.

The Schizophonics
Over the last few years, THE SCHIZOPHONICS have built up a formidable reputation around the world as an explosive live act. Tapping into the same unstoppable combination of rock ‘n’ roll energy and showmanship that fueled THE MC5 in the heyday of the Grand Ballroom, their wild live show is heavily influenced by artists like JAMES BROWN, IGGY POP, JIMI HENDRIX, LITTLE RICHARD, and THE SONICS. Singer/guitarist Pat Beers and drummer Lety Beers formed the band in San Diego in 2009 and have worked tirelessly since then, playing hundreds of shows around the globe. In 2013 they were recruited as the backing/opening band for EL VEZ, which helped the band make a name for itself in Europe. Since then, they’ve played in numerous countries, and supported tours by like-minded acts like ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT, LITTLE BARRIE, THE WOGGLES and have opened for the DAMNED, DEVO, HIVES and CAGE THE ELEPHANT. Shindig magazine described their live show “Like watching some insane hybrid of WAYNE KRAMER, JAMES BROWN, and the Tasmanian Devil”.

The band is more than just a live act; they’re also committed to writing great memorable songs. Their new album Hoof It on Pig Baby records due Sept. 2nd of 2022 was recorded by Dean Reis at Singing Serpent and mixed by Steve Kaye at Sun King Studios. The band will be very busy next year with extensive tour dates around the world. The Schizophonics- hailed by Spotify as the “wildest live band in America” – wouldn’t want it any other way.

Rocket from the Crypt
Going to a Rocket from the Crypt show isn’t like going to any other rock show. It’s an event. At every appearance, the group take the stage in matching uniforms, which range from elaborate button-down shirts to astronaut flight suits. Their first seven or eight songs blow by at a dizzying clip in 10 to 12 minutes. Their closing performance of “Come See, Come Saw” (usually) stretches to upwards of 15. In the ‘90s, their Halloween shows became the stuff of legend, and usually ended up being mini festivals with stacked lineups of other great local bands.  Back in the ‘90s, the band said that anybody with a Rocket tattoo would be granted free entry to their shows.

Rocket’s sound is inspired by ’70s proto-punk bands like Rocket From the Tomb, the MC5 and the Big Boys. Rocket’s singer, “Speedo” (Jon Reis), sounds like one of those gravelly voiced old men–Southside Johnny, Mitch Ryder or Iggy Pop–and the music sounds like the Sonics or the Standells, only on speed.

Rocket’s big innovation is having a horn section, which blasts away behind all the songs like an angry Greek chorus. Many songs are also augmented by furious chants–similar to Rocket’s one near-MTV hit, “On a Rope,” but even more intense.

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