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Big Game Beer Pairings 2024

The Big Game is Sunday! With that in mind, here are some of our recommended Surly pairings for the festivities.

(Note to others doing this kind of post: Do not call The Big Game by its actual name. A severely competent attorney named Chad or Kendra will gently yet firmly remind you that you are not an Official Partner of the NFL.)

SCENARIO: “I only watch it for the commercials.”

PAIRING: We’ve been running commercials for Mosh Pit Hazy IPA and Mosh Pit Juicy Pale Ale on our social channels all week. Go watch those, then pick up either or both Mosh Pits at your local craft beer provider. (And look for Mosh Pit Imperial IPA in March.)

SCENARIO: Someone whines about the halftime show.

PAIRING: You know the guy. “Prince was alright, I guess.” “Why don’t they have bands anymore?” “Who even is this?” He wishes MTV would play music videos and bring back Remote Control. OK, he’s right about the last one, but plug his complaint hole with a Furious IPA. We miss you, Kari Wuhrer.

SCENARIO: “You got anything besides beer?”

PAIRING: We do! Our ever-expanding THC beverage line includes Take Five Lime, Take Five Mixed Berry, Double Take Lemonade Tea, and Double Take POG.

SCENARIO: Guests begin commiserating about the local football team. Lots of muttered swearing and headshaking ensues.

PAIRING: There’s always next year, which is why the situation calls for Before I Die. It can’t fix your salary cap or your secondary by itself, but it helps.

SCENARIO: You have an 8am Zoom call on Monday.

PAIRING: Every year, some news outlet publishes a story about how unproductive the Monday after the Super Bowl is. Every year, that story is complete BS from the Department of Made-Up Statistics, but that’s beside the point. The alarm goes off at 5:30am either way. Take it easy with Outlook Good Hoppy Pale and Sparkling Hop Water, N/A beverages that still pack full hop flavor.

SCENARIO: You’re in charge of the beer. And you’re only marching orders are “something hoppy” and “get more ice.”

PAIRING: Surly Selects Variety Pack. The 2024 edition features a hazy IPA, a juicy pale ale, and two craft beer legends. And don’t forget ice. Always bring extra ice.

And as always, we hope both teams get some exercise and just have fun out there.

Header image courtesy Unsplash/Blocks Fletcher.

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