Fresh | To | Death
Wet-Hop Pale Ale
Color Pale Gold
Hops Changes Annually (2019 – 100% Mosaic)
Malt 2-Row
OG 16.6º Plato
Yeast English Ale
IBU Moderate

6.1%Surly MN USA

Brewed For The Freshest Possible Beer

Our wet-hopped pale ale returns for the first time in four years, just in time for Darkness Day. This year’s version is draft/growler/crowler only, featuring Citra and Mosaic hops. This ain’t a beer for aging. Drink it fresh. Drink it now.

Oct. 7, 9:15am

The time has come.

Sep. 27, 2:50pm

Fermentation in progress. 360 barrels of WET are safely nestled in a handful of fermentation tanks. Packaging will begin in the next week.


Sep. 21, 10:24am

Brewing concludes. We brewed nonstop for nearly three days. Thinking about having a beer now, tbh.


Sep. 18, 7:00am

We’re brewing at a rate of a new batch roughly every three hours. The Mosaic hop aroma is everywhere, and it’s wonderful.


Sep. 17, 11:15pm

The first batch of Mosaic fresh hops have been sent to the tanks as wort. Second batch in progress. Good evening.


Sep. 17, 8:01pm

Brewing has commenced immediately upon the hops’ arrival. The brewers are taking shifts and working around the clock until all 3600 lbs. are converted to wort.


Sep. 17, 8:00pm

Our shipment of 3600 lbs of fresh Mosaic hops just arrived. These hops were harvested less than 36 hours ago, and are fresh to death.

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