Thanks Obama

Color Deep-Red
Hops Warrior
Experimental 06297
Malt 2-Row
Honey Malt
Flaed Rye
OG 16º Plato
Yeast English Ale
IBU High

6.6%Surly MN USA

Brewed For: Ruining Our Facebook Mentions.

Thanks Obama is a Winter Rye IPA that features a new, experimental hop variety (06297, if you’re curious). Expect a complex, spicy malt character with candied grape and vanilla cream hop aromas. Add a little honey and malt sweetness to round it out, and there you go. It checks in at 6.6% ABV, and will be the perfect beer to inaugurate your next visit to the Beer Hall. Reflect on the last eight years, look to the future, and enjoy a pint with your fellow Americans.

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