Color Golden
Hops Hops change with each batch. Hence the name. Details Below.
Malt 2-Row
Acidulated malt
OG 16.5º Plato
Yeast English Ale
IBU Moderate

6%Surly MN USA

Brewed For: A Glitch in the Matrix.

Who controls the horizontal? Who controls the vertical? Not you. Not us. What we can control is Hopshifter, our line of experimental, gluten-reduced IPAs. Every tank has a new hop profile. Once a batch is gone, it’s gone. Embrace the temporary.

Batch Info

F4121: This edition of Hopshifter features experimental Bru-1 hops, as well as Chinook and Citra, and pineapple, mango, and tropical aromatics. Light-bodied and moderately bitter, it’s a perfect introduction to our groundbreaking series of gluten-reduced IPAs. See the gluten lab report for this batch.

F4143: The second edition of Hopshifter bows with a hop profile of Eureka and HBC 438. It pours dark yellow with moderate haze, medium body, and grapefruit, orange, and pineapple aromatics. See the gluten lab report for this batch.

F4191: The third shift of our experimental IPA line rides HBC-472 and Willamette hops. See the gluten lab report for our third batch.

F4278: This fourth Hopshifter batch is a light-bodied, gluten-reduced IPA with strong tropical character. Expect notes of grapefruit, rose, and pine. Gluten lab report is here.


Q: How does Surly reduce the level of gluten in Hopshifter?

A:  We brew Hopshifter just like the rest of our beers, with malted barley, hops, water, and yeast. Once the beer is transferred to a fermentation tank, we add an enzyme called Brewers Clarex™, which breaks down proline rich gluten proteins found in malted barley by chopping them at their specific proline amino acid residues. Breaking down the gluten proteins eliminates the potential inflammatory immune response those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity suffer.

Q: Does Surly Hopshifter contain gluten?

A: Traces of gluten remain in Hopshifter. We send samples of every Hopshifter batch to White Labs for gluten testing. The amount of gluten in each sample is below 10 parts per million; the lowest level detectable with the best testing available today. For a product to be labeled as “gluten-free” it has to have below 20 parts per million in total gluten. We cannot label these beers as “gluten-free” since we brew them with barley that contains gluten. We do not have the ability to test every single can that is packaged in a batch of Hopshifter. But, we test every batch of Hopshifter multiple times throughout the process to prevent cross-contamination and to guarantee reduced levels of gluten.

The gluten content of each can of Hopshifter cannot be verified, and cans of Hopshifter may contain gluten.

Q: How are these beers tested for gluten?

A: Our QA/QC lab and White Labs conduct the analysis using an ELISA assay; the R5 competitive Gliadin assay from R-Biopharm. The assay quantitates peptide fragments of prolamins from wheat (gliadins), rye (secalin) and barley (hordein). The R5 antibody recognizes the potentially toxic sequence QQPFP, which occurs repeatedly in gluten prolamin molecules. This assay is recognized by the Codex Alimentarius as robust, simple, specific and sensitive.

Q: Is Hopshifter IPA available on draught?

A: Hopshifter will only be available on draught in our Beer Hall. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that every tap line Surly beer is poured through is 100% free of cross-contamination from beers that contain gluten. In order to protect our Celiac and gluten-sensitive customers, Hopshifter will only be available in cans outside of our brewery.

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