German Ale
Color Pale Gold
Hops Glacier
Malt Weyermann Vienna
Malteries Franco-Belg Pils
Dingemans Cara 20
Simpsons Light Crystal
OG 12
Yeast Hefeweizen Ale Strain

5.0%Surly MN USA

Brewed For: A Good Steam.

The German equivalent of a steam beer (“Dampf” equals “steam”), Dampfbier use an all-barley malt bill. Whereas a traditional steam beer like a California Common uses a lager yeast, the aforementioned Hefe yeast is featured here. This unique brewing style was once very popular in an isolated region that is the present-day Germany/Czechoslovakia border, mostly because it was about the only beer they could brew there. Surly’s version is also dry-hopped with Glacier hops, nudging a little hoppiness into the mix, along with some orange-tangerine aromatics.

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