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Before I Die


Crisp and crushable, Before I Die lager centers an approachable balance of hops and malt. It’s the beer you’ve been waiting for your whole life.



Carahell, Acidulated, CMC Pils


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4 Pack

16oz Cans

6 Pack

12oz Cans

12 Pack

12oz Cans

On Tap

Every Sunday is a great day to tailgate if you have Before I Die. Do not fact-check this when it’s 27-below in six weeks, just let us have this.
Pouring one out for Kirk.
Every day is a good day to enjoy Before I Die. But today is an especially good day. Don’t tailgate without it.
So many Sundays don’t even have football. You’re expected to “accomplish things” or “talk to your family” or “shower.” Even if things aren’t going great for your favorite team this year, there’s still hope. There’s still football. There’s still Before I Die.
Whether your team is off to a promising start or if every game is like god punishing you even though you did nothing wrong, Before I Die celebrates the hope that remains undefeated. Look for it wherever Surly is sold and poured.
Before I Die: The official beer of painting a decommissioned ambulance in team colors and tailgating next to guy in a Warren Moon jersey.
Good morning. A gentle reminder to all that Before I Die Lager is available for all your tailgating needs wherever Surly is sold. If you’re hitting up US Bank Stadium, Surly beers are available on all levels. Let’s go!
This summer, Surly’s Kyle Hopkins competed on season 13 of Fox’s MasterChef. As we look forward to the opening of the football season and the equally critical tailgating season, we turned to him for a recipe that includes Before I Die Lager, the official beer of your next tailgate, watch party, yelling at the TV in the middle of a Buffalo Wild Wings much to your partner’s dismay, etc.

Introducing the Surly Beer and Buffalo Chicken Dip. Full Recipe at the link in our bio!
There's always next season. And it's finally here.

Find Before I Die wherever you get your Surly and kick-back with one to watch the local NFL team's preseason game tonight.