1349 Black Ale

Black Ale With Coffee
Color Black
Hops Simcoe
Malt 2-Row
Weyermann Carafa 3
Midnight Wheat
Fawcett Oat Malt
Simpsons Brown Malt
Flaked Oats
OG 26.5º Plato
Yeast English Ale
IBU High

13.5%Surly MN USA

Brewed For: Black Metal and Black Ale.

This black ale was brewed in collaboration with a Norwegian brewery, Lervig, and the Norwegian black metal band, 1349. Intended as a cross between a double stout and an IPA, 1349 Black Ale has a rich, dry malt character that isn’t very roasty. The hop notes are intended to be piney and spruce-like and the mouthfeel is intended to be dry and astringent. Ethiopian coffee and blackstrap molasses are added in the whirlpool and are treated as layers, not a focal point, while Equinox hops were used as a dry-hop. The label art for the bottles is Plague on the Stairs (1896) by Norwegian artist Theodore Kittelsen.

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750ml Bottle

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