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Abrasive SZN

It used to be out of the ordinary to brew a double IPA. No, really. We know this because we brewed the first one in Minnesota: Abrasive.

Until very recently, it also held the honor of being the last Surly beer sold in growlers, going all the way back to 2008 under its original name, 16 Grit. Times change. Laws change. Growlers and crowlers now flow freely from our Minneapolis brewery.

What hasn’t changed? Abrasive. And it’s still one hell of a punch in the mouth.

The generous helping of Citra hops builds the foundation. The oats in the malt bill balance the bitterness and lift it to critically acclaimed heights. And it’s available to all Surly markets in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans beginning this week.

The particulars:

  • ABV: 9.2%
  • Hops: Warrior & Citra. So much Citra.
  • Malt: Golden Naked Oats, Flaked Oats, Acidulated, 2-Row
  • Yeast: English Ale
  • Pour: Hazy Gold
  • Bitterness: High

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