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2022 Oktoberfest/Holiday Artist Search

We need more artists. While this might sound like a comment on society, and it is, it’s also a very specific request for Surly Brewing.

In addition to Eddie Wolfe, Surly’s 2022 Darkness Artist, we’re also looking for a designer to create the art we’ll be using for promotions in on and off-premise locations later this year for Oktoberfest, Halloween, and all the December holidays. Think posters in bars, displays in liquor stores, etc.

As with Darkness, this is not a case of beer and a pat on the back thing. It’s a paying gig–$1000, to be precise. That said, we can probably hook you up with the beer and a pat on the back on top of that. Your call.


  • Oktoberfest: April 26
  • Halloween: May 10
  • Holiday: May 24

We’ll announce our artist on our social channels. Even if you’re not selected, we’ll keep your name on file for potential work later in the year/2023.


  • Three samples of your work.
  • Isolated central figure in design that continues past poster borders
  • Multiple design assets that can be isolated and used for displays
  • Include Surly logo.
  • 12×18 packaged, print-ready file. Vector art preferred.

Submission form below. Good luck!

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