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2019 Brand Calendar

The 2019 Surly Brand Calendar is early this year (for us, anyway). The reason? We didn’t want to wait and tell you about all the good shit.  Here’s what’s what:


Don’t bury the lede, as they say. It’s called One-Man Mosh Pit, and it joins our year-round roster of beers in February. We’ve been piloting variations on the style in the Brewery since last summer, and OMMP was a smash right out of the gate, making it a no-brainer for us to bring it to the world at large. An absurd dose of Amarillo, Citra, and Mosaic dry-hopping hoists this juicy IPA well above the fray. Seize the haze.



Our other new full-timer is Sleek, which first appeared in our 2018 Hop Pack. Again, the response to this 100% Simcoe IPA made it an easy call. If you missed it this summer, Sleek is precision engineered to deliver dynamic hop flavor, with extensive Simcoe dry-hopping providing sublime grapefruit and melon notes with zero drag.



We started making 12-packs not too long ago. It was weird at first, we’ll admit. The 12-oz. cans were so tiny. And then the entire Surly-drinking world said “WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG” and snapped them right up. It is with that spirit of fearless experimentation and finally putting our beer in boxes that we’re rolling out Surly six-packs in 2019, as you can see above. Sleek, Furious, Xtra-Citra, and our quarterly seasonal offerings (see below) will be available in six-packs of 12-oz. cans. Traditionalists–you can still get Furious and Xtra-Citra in tallboy 4-packs.


Our variety 12-packs, introduced last year, will continue in 2019. All four will contain at least two beers exclusive to the pack (we might do three in the winter if that’s a thing you’re into). The first one on deck is the Thaw Pack, which welcomes back our delicious 60 Below rye IPA, and introduces Layer Up, which stacks a classic Surly dry-hop bill atop a hazy, German-style ale.

As mentioned above, we’re rolling out a seasonal six-pack every quarter. DAF IPA rings in the new year along with the Thaw Pack. It’s a brut-style IPA that delivers dynamic, fruit-forward hop flavor with a spectacularly dry finish, which also gives you a hint as to what DAF stands for.

(Fans of 2018’s HeatSlayer are advised to just scroll down to the calendar at the end of the post, then come back and finish reading through their tears of pure joy.)


Our small-batch hit from last summer will return for the warm-weather months*. You can see the tentative schedule for it, as well as WET, Abrasive, Darkness, and other yearly favorites below.

*Please realize that we can’t guarantee warm weather just because Rosé is in market. We’re merely a humble, independent craft brewery. It’s probably going to snow when you put the dock in or attend an outdoor wedding. Please forward your complaints to local CBS meteorologist Matt Brickman.

His fault, not ours.



This popular series, featuring beers crafted at our original Brooklyn Center mothership, returns for 2019. We’re keeping this one a little more under wraps to better allow for innovation/inspiration/collaboration, thus explaining the many, many TBAs below. We can tell you that some of the names include Funeral Bar, Staycation, and Sound Into Color. Intriguing! These will continue to be distributed over a smaller footprint and sold in four-packs of 16-oz. cans.

When we say tentative up top, we mean it. Things change! But this is Surly’s plan for 2019. Hit us up on our social channels if you have any questions, concerns, sheer conjecture, or guarded praise.

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