Surly Gives A Damn is the Public-spirited Side of Surly.

Our mission is to “give a damn” by providing volunteer and charitable donation support to community-based partners of Surly Brewing Company. We follow through with this mission by organizing ongoing opportunities for volunteers to participate in service projects to help foster the community. Additionally, we fulfill donation requests for Surly beer and merchandise for qualified charitable organizations.

If you are looking for a donation, check out our Donation Requests page, if you are looking for a Surly sponsorship, check out our Sponsorship Requests page, or if you’re a non-profit looking for event space rental at the new brewery check out our Event Spaces page. We are no longer accepting paper requests. All requests must be made through the online forms. And we are currently ONLY donating beer in Minnesota.

Upcoming SGAD Events & Sign Ups – Mark Your Calendars!

The DAMN 2017 Calendar 


  • SGAD MN: Prospect Park Community Garden (Towerside) Work Day! THIS EVENT IS FULL! On Saturday, April 29 from 9am-Noon we will be working at Prospect Park Community Garden. We will need 50 folks to help work on relocating raised beds, building elevated beds for Seniors, finishing up the building of the compost bin and any other work that needs to be done to ready the garden space for Spring. This event will go hand in hand with the Dangerous Man Volunteer garden prep day. We will all meet up at the DM garden space once we are done working to check out their new site and lend a hand if they have finished up.


  • SGAD MN: Greenway Spring Clean Up ~ On Tuesday, May 16th from 5:30-7:30pm we will be working on our NEW adopted section of the Greenway…yes you heard me, NEW. The section we will be taking on will be on both sides of the Martin Olav Sabo Bridge near Hiawatha and 26th St. East in MPLS. We will be looking for 60 folks to help with clean up, mulching and all around beautification of the area. Sign up will be posted here, on Facebook and on Twitter on Tuesday, May 2nd.
  • SGAD MN: Birdtown Half Marathon! We are heading back to Birdtown to work over the finish line. Join us on Saturday, May 20th from 8:00am-11:00am to provide all those sweaty over-achievers with post-race food, water, medals, and photos. The race runs right past the Brooklyn Center brewery, and we are looking for 30 people to come out! The sign up will be posted here, on Facebook, and on Twitter on Thursday, May 4th.


  • SGAD MN: Hearts & Hammers home repair! On Saturday, June 3rd, from 8:00am-4:00pm we will be painting, repairing, sprucing, and beautifying a house in Robbinsdale, MN. We’re looking for 40 folks to come out and wield hammers and paint brushes. Coffee, donuts, and lunch will be provided. Sign up will be posted here, on Facebook, and on Twitter on Monday, May 8th.
  • SGAD WI: MILWAUKEE: Hunger Task Force work the farm! On Saturday, June 10th from 12:30pm-3:30pm, pack your overalls and join us on the Hunger Task Force Farm, where fruits, vegetables, and other food-thangs are grown for hungry people in the community. In the past we’ve harvested apples, picked tomatoes, and cleaned fisheries. You never know what’ll happen. Sign up will be posted here, on Facebook, and on Twitter on Thursday, May 11th.
  • SGAD IA: DES MOINES: Brush Removal at Snyder Heritage Farm! On Saturday, June 17th, join us and the Iowa National Heritage Foundation to remove invasive species from Snyder Heritage Farm, a preservation farm filled with prairie, wetland, woodland, and oak savanna habitat. It’s real pretty. We’re looking for 20 folks to help groom the area. Sign up will be posted here, on Facebook, and on Twitter on Thursday, May 18th.
  • SGAD MN: Help plant pollinators at Surly MSP! What the hell is a pollinator, you ask? Basically, bees like certain pollen-rich trees and shrubs, called pollinators. And we like bees. On the evening of Wednesday, June 21, we at looking for 12 people to get dirty while planting attractive trees with fancy names. The sign up will be posted here, on Facebook, and on Twitter on Wednesday, June 7th.
  • SGAD MN: TriLoppet Surly transition team! On Saturday, June 24th from 8:00am-12:30pm, we’re looking for 30 volunteers to help with the TriLoppet, a truly Minnesotan off-road triathlon comprised of paddling, running, and mountain biking. The volunteers will help set up, tear down, and run the Surly transition area and water stop. There will also be some epic boat hauling involved. It’s badass. The sign up will be posted here, on Facebook, and on Twitter on Thursday, June 8th.
  • SGAD IL: CHICAGO: Greater Chicago Food Depository food repack. Wudup Chicago?! Join us on Wednesday, June 28 from 6:00pm-8:45pm to help work at the Depository – an organization dedicated to distributing food for hungry people in Cook County. We are looking for 15 people to come out and repackage food. This will be the first of two 2017 visits to the Depository in Chicago, so get ready to get Surly! The sign up will be posted here, on Facebook, and on Twitter on Wednesday, May 31st.


  • SGAD MN: Surly & MBC blood letting! On Monday, July 3rd from 11:00am-6:30pm, help save lives by donating blood at Surly MSP. We’re hoping to assemble 84+ people to donate pints & pints of blood, and then refill with pints & pints of beer (at a different time, of course). Speaking of pints, in addition to a free beer, you’ll also get a free Surly pint glass for giving away the red stuff. Schedule your donation time directly on the Memorial Blood Center’s website here.




  • SGAD MN: Bridging ~ We kicked 2017 off right! We had 75 volunteers come out to Bridging in Roseville on Wednesday, January 18th from 6:00-8:00pm and built 60 dressers! Talk about working together, great job everyone and thank you for your hard work and dedication to getting ALL of the dressers built. Also, big thanks to our Event Partner, Grumpy’s Roseville! What a great place to land after our work was all done. Bridging is the largest furniture bank in North America, the organization improves lives by providing quality furniture and household goods to those transitioning out of homelessness and poverty. If you have items or time to give, don’t hesitate to head back to Bridging.
  • SGAD MN: The Sheridan Story ~ On Thursday, January 26 from 6:00-8:00pm we had 63 folks help pack up 2,359 bags of food, for school children in need, to take home so they have food to eat over the weekend. You can check out the photos here. Over 200,000 children in Minnesota live in food insecurity. The Sheridan Story leverages community and school partnerships to fight child hunger by providing a weekend’s supply of food to hungry children. Thank you to all the volunteers for all your quick hard work and to Grumpy’s Roseville for yet again being our Event Partner!
  • SGAD MN: The Loppet Foundation ~ On Sunday, January 29 from Noon-5:00pm we had 27 sturdy folks out to help with our Loppet Extreme Event. We spent the day erecting lights, shoveling snow and building/filling snow sculpture forms and THEN we all went tubing (just a great little perk of the day). It’s always a day to remember, you can check the photos out here. Thanks to Iron Door Pub for having us all out, giving back and being our Event Partner on this fun event. Hope to see you out at the City of Lakes Loppet weekend ski festival Feb 3-7! If anything, come on out for a beer.


  • SGAD MN: Second Harvest Heartland ~ On Wednesday, February 15 from 6:00-8:00pm, we had 63 folks come on out to Second Harvest Heartland and help with a repacking event. In the short time we were there, we were able to repack 3142 pounds of rice. That created a total of 2618 meals for people in need. GREAT effort everyone, you can check the photos out here! Big thanks as well to our Event Partner, New Bohemia Wurst & Bier Haus – Golden Valley, for giving us a great place to land after our work was done. I am not exactly sure how many pretzels got eaten last night, but I think it was A LOT!


  • SGAD MN: Surly Polar Plunge Team ~ BIG thanks to our awesome Surly Polar Plunge Team for coming out, jumping in (ok running in) ice cold Lake Calhoun and raising over $3500 for Special Olympics!  You can check out all the photos right here. Start planning your outfit for 2018.


  • SGAD MN: Rochester Parks Clean Up 4.0! On Saturday, April 8 from 10:30am-12:30pm we picked up 64 bags of litter that were strewn across the city. Thanks to Schott Distributing for being involved and to Whistle Binkies Olde World Pub for being our Event Partner again on this go around. Here are the photos if you want to take a peak at the fun we had. Great job all! We will see you next spring.
  • SGAD MN: Medical Supply Packing at MATTER! On Wednesday, April 12 from 5:00pm-8:00pm we had 48 folks come on out and help sort and re-pack medical supplies. We were able to pack up 190 boxes that will in turn help over 22,000 people and give them better access to health. Matter is a nonprofit on a mission to expand access to health, next door and around the world. Thanks to Yard House for being our Event Partner for this event. What a great place to land. Cheers!
  • SGAD MN: Minneapolis Earth Day Cleanup with our neighborhood friends at PPA! On Saturday, April 22 from 9:00am-11:30am, 41 people came out and cleaned the hell out of Minneapolis. We picked up 40 bags of trash and 20 bags of recycling. Way to show the earth some love, guys! Check out the photos here.


We issue Surly Gives a Damn (SGAD) work shirts to all volunteers. You will receive your shirt at your first project. Once you have been issued a Surly Gives A Damn shirt, please wear it to all other SGAD events you volunteer for!

For those of you wanting to volunteer for our BIG events, such as SurlyFest, Darkness Day, or bottle wax dippings, you need to have volunteered for a previous Surly Gives A Damn event during that calendar year.

Have an idea for a Service Project? Email us at to let us know about it.

The Damns We’ve Given

See what we’ve done over the past couple years. Lots of karma points and ‘Get out of Hell Free’ cards earned.

Since the start of SGAD, we have worked 65 projects and 8,718 hours.

2010: 7 projects, 328 volunteer spots filled, 763 total volunteer hours
2011: 14 projects, 600 volunteer spots filled, 1566 total volunteer hours
2012: 18 projects, 667 volunteer spots filled, 3194 total volunteer hours
2013: 17 projects, 704 volunteer spots filled, 1976 total volunteer hours
2014: 21 community service projects, 902 volunteer spots filled, 236 new SGAD volunteers, 2376 volunteer hours
2015: 26 community service projects, donated 405 pints of blood to MBC, built 140 dressers for Bridging, painted the inside of three houses, the outside of one.
2016: 33 community service projects (Iowa: 1, Minnesota: 27, Wisconsin: 1, Illinois: 1, Nebraska: 1, South Dakota: 2), 3849 volunteer hours, 441 new volunteers this year.

Past SGAD Events

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