Surly is very proud to be a founding partner of MN United and an official member of the 2019 Black & Brew Collection at Allianz Field. There will be multiple places for you to Get Surly at Allianz Field all season long. Here’s a helpful map to guide you:

We'll also continue providing a pre- and post-match destination for fans and supporter groups. Although it's now a bit too long to march from the brewery to the stadium, we're still on the Green Line, and we invite you and yours to park/bike/walk here, hop on the train, and head to Allianz for some good, old-fashioned RAILGATING (copyright pending).

If you're driving and don't want to deal with Midway parking, we're offering the following $15 Railgating package:

  • 1 reserved parking spot at Surly
  • 1 24-hour light-rail pass
  • 1 voucher for a beverage at Surly pre- or post-match.
  • Additional $10 add-on packages for extra passengers (includes a 24-hour light-rail pass and a beverage)

Surly Railgating will be available for most home weekend matches during the 2019 season. Check the schedule and buy yours here

Scarves Up.


  • Free parking (map below).
  • Plenty of bike parking and easy access to the Green Line.
  • Full menu inside; outside, we’ll have beer stations and the Surly Food Truck running with a variety of hot dogs, brats, and sausages, served with chips, plus Surly nuts and Surly snack mix.



Between Surly Brewing, Allina and UEL, there are over 1,000 places to park your vehicle on weekends, in addition to hundreds of street parking spots.

Places where you can park:

  • Surly Brewing Co. Parking Lots
  • Allina Parking Lot
  • UEL Parking Lot
  • Some city streets

Places where you can’t park:

  • Other city streets.
  • Local business parking lots not listed above
  • In Surly’s employee parking lot
  • Loading zones
  • Loading docks
  • On the lawn
  • On the sidewalk
  • Anywhere signage otherwise indicated NO PARKING.

Here is a helpful map:

No. That’s, like, illegal and stuff. We did set up a tent where you can grab a beer and eat food, though, which are the two of the three main components of tailgating.  We don’t know what to tell you about hacky-sacking. You can probably get a good hack going, but respect other people’s space.