Nitro Simpsons Scottish Ale

Scottish Ale

Occasional Kegs

This medium-bodied Scottish Ale leans towards toffee and caramel notes and is an exclusive malt-focused collaboration with Brewers Supply Group (BSG) made to showcase a new malt variety from Simpsons Malting. Todd Haug & Surly were specifically invited by Simpsons Malting to create this beer for the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference in Portland, Oregon.

Simpson’s Malt Ltd asked Surly’s Todd Haug to create a beer for the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference in Portland, Oregon that would showcase a new malt variety.

DRC Malt, or Double Roasted Crystal, imparts heavy caramel flavor with the subtle taste of raisins, plums, burnt sugar and dry fruit. The aroma is intense, sweet and malty.

Simpsons Scottish is medium-bodied, leaning towards toffee and caramel notes. The hop additions are minimal and only serve as balance.

Simpsons Golden Promise, Simpsons Double Roasted Crystal
English Ale
13° Plato

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