Imperial Smoked Dunkelweizen

Bottles & Kegs – Our Ninth Anniversary Beer

All of the malt in this anniversary beer comes from Weyermann Malting, a family-owned operation in Bamberg, Germany, which is the center of Rauchbier (smoked beers) in Germany. The inspiration came from a trip that head brewer Todd Haug took to Bamberg to visit the Weyermann facility. NEIN draws from the traditional banana and clove notes of hefeweizen yeasts and layers on deeper toned malt flavors, a distinctly smoky character from oak-smoked wheat malt and charred “honeycombs” of white oak.

Erica Williams, our 2014 Featured Artist, who also designed the artwork for Darkness 2014 and SurlyFest 2014, designed the artwork for NEIN. Her three-headed, three-eyed lion represents Surly’s 9th anniversary.

Pils, Oak-smoked Wheat, Carahell, Cara Wheat, Dark Wheat, Acidulated
Warrior (bittering only)
German Hefeweizen Ale yeast
20.4º Plato

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