Fiery Hell

Hell Lager With Puya Chiles & Red Oak

Ocassional Kegs

Simply put, this is Surly Hell aged on red oak with the addition of puya chiles.

The red oak comes in the form of pieces of oak that have been drilled out in a “honeycomb” pattern to maximize surface area. This adds a warm oak note similar to what you’d find in a freshly toasted barrel.

Puya chiles are a Mexican varietal, similar to guajillo but hotter. They have “a light fruity flavor profile, with licorice and cherry undertones that brings to mind wild berries.”

CHILE ADDITION: We add actual dried chiles, not an extract

HEAT LEVEL: Definitely present and leaning towards warming. Chiles can be difficult to integrate into beer, but this captures both a pleasant heat and the distinctive flavors of the chile. It is very easy to either overwhelm the beer with capsicum heat or go the other direction and become unnoticeable except in name.

The name pretty much says it all. Hell can get hot, yo.

Pilsner, Carahell
German Lager
12° Plato

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