Belgian Quad, 100% Brettanomyces fermented German Wheat Beer Hybrid

10% Alcohol by Volume

Eleven! I guess that makes us old, in “Minnesota Brewing Years”.
We brewed this beer in honor of two-faced Janus who peers both ahead and behind. A Belgian-style Quad Ale honors the past while 100% Brett-fermented wheat beer looks towards the future. Blended together, Eleven exists in a purely liminal space.

Part A - Dingemans Pils, Dingemans Aromatic, Dingemans Biscuit, Dingemans Special B, Amber Candy Syrup, Brewer's Crystals, Invert Sugar Part B - Weyermann Munich 2, Weyermann Abbey, Weyermann Carabelge, Wheat Malt, Weyermann Acidulated, Flaked Wheat
Warrior, Aurora
20° Plato

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