So many questions

Surly will begin offering outdoor dining (in addition to ongoing carry-out/curbside pick-up) soon. Operating hours once we reopen:

Monday – Thursday: 3pm-9pm
Friday – Sunday 12pm-9pm

Make your reservations online. If you plan to visit without one, we’ll make one for you at the door.

Fan favorites from the beer hall menu, numerous pizzas and 20 lines of draught beer will be available for purchase at our patio bar.

As you might have read and seen, it will look a little different for the time being. You have questions? We have answers.

Do you take reservations?

Yes! Make yours today. If you plan to visit without one, we'll make one for you at the door. 

How do reservations work?

  • Make your reservation online at
  • You’ll need to check in with the sentry and host.
  • We’re taking reservations of groups of 1-4 people, with an allowance of 6 for families with children. This is a state guideline.
  • The reservation guideline is new and may change in the days/weeks ahead. If your reservation needs to change, we’ll call you ASAP.

What if I show up without a reservation?

Make one. Again, these are state guidelines. You’re going to have to plan ahead for the time being.

What additional safety precautions are you taking due to COVID-19?

  • Anyone preparing food will be wearing gloves.
  • Per the City of Minneapolis emergency directive, all Surly employees will wear masks. We ask that guests do the same. We’ll have them available for purchase if you need one.
  • All employees will have their temperature checked and complete a wellness log prior to each shift.
  • There’s a visitor log for all partners and vendors (think truck drivers, salespeople, etc.).
  • Handwashing was already a constant at Surly. It’s a production brewery and a restaurant. We’ll continue to place a premium on it.
  • All high-traffic/high-touch areas will be cleaned and sanitized every 30 minutes. All tables and chairs will be sanitized after a group exits. The table will indicate it’s been cleaned for the next party.
  • Restrooms will be immaculate.
  • All guests will enter through the main entrance. A sentry will check you in and a host will bring guests to their table. Walkways are set up for one-way foot traffic.
  • There will be a physical barrier in the patio bar between cashiers and customers.

Will you require your employees to wear masks?

Yes. The city requires it, and we’re following suit.

Will you require your patrons to wear masks?

We ask you to follow the city’s directive to wear a mask in public. You can remove it to eat and drink, of course. If you want to have an argument about the efficacy of masks or how you saw on Facebook that wearing one turns you into a daylight vampire, please have it somewhere else.

Do you have a weather plan?

If it rains, we have a tent and a balcony overhang to comfortably seat and space 50 visitors with social distancing in place.

Cash or credit?

Credit or debit cards ONLY at this time. No paper money, no checks. Plan accordingly. Please!

Why did you add a service charge?

We’ve added a 15% service charge that will support employee’s wages and benefits. This model aims to create a sustainable, equitable work environment for the hospitality industry. To be very clear, this is a no-tip model. If you receive exceptional service (and you will), LET US KNOW. Thank you cards get saved for years.

Will pets be allowed?

Yes. Dogs and the occasional pig are allowed in the beer garden space. As usual, you’re responsible for your pet.

Are children allowed?

Yes. They also must maintain social distancing, so please keep an eye on them. Per the city, children over the age of 2 are encouraged to wear a mask in public places.

Is my reservation inside or outside?

Because we can’t predict the weather, all reservations default to an inside table. We’d be more than happy to seat you outside depending on weather and availability. Our host team will help you when you arrive.

How will menus work?

Menus will be available via QR code you can access via your smartphone. Printed menus will be available by request. Free wi-fi is available for patrons under the Surly Guest handle.

Will the retail store be open?

A modified version of the retail store will be open, following the state’s guidelines for indoor retail operations.

Will you make exceptions for the communal tables to allow more than 6 people?

No exceptions. When the state says we can safely add more capacity, we’ll do so.

Will you continue offering to-go service?

Absolutely. You can place your order on this website.

Will you have the full menu?

It's a limited menu for the time being. You can find it here. Updates will be made almost daily as we continue adapting to the current situation.

What are your hours?

Our hours* are:

Monday – Thursday: 3pm-9pm
Friday – Sunday: 12pm-9pm

Our kitchen closes 30 minutes after the last reservation. Last call for beer is one hour after the last reservation.

*Hours are subject to change. Check the hours at the top of the website to see the most up-to-date info.

Will you be allowing private events?

Not right now. However, people do have the option of reserving our spaces for private events in 2021. You can find that link here.

When will all this be done?

Not soon enough, but we look forward to the day.