It's hard to improve on perfection. Take, for example, the beer fridge. This humble, utilitarian appliance is focused solely on keeping your beer cold. A perfect machine.

And yet, we've done it. 

Introducing the Furious Vending Machine. It works. It lights up. It dispenses Furious on demand. It's the ultimate beer fridge upgrade, and it can be yours via the miracle of social media and/or the cellular telephone.


1) To enter the Furious On Demand Sweepstakes via social media, follow Surly Brewing on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and publish a post on any/all of your personal accounts using the hashtag #FURIOUSONDEMAND. 

2) Text the keyword FURIOUSONDEMAND to 55678 

The Furious On Demand Sweepstakes runs Oct 15-Dec 15, 2020. Good luck and get Furious.

Official Rules for light and enjoyable reading.

*Do not put last night’s pizza in this. It will not work. Just leave it on the counter, it’ll be fine probably.