This winter has been…challenging.

OK, it has flat-out sucked. It’s OK to admit it. If someone not from here talks smack about a Minnesota winter we will strike them down with righteous fury, but just between us, this has been brutal.

With that in mind, and with the marquee college basketball tournament crowning its champion in Minneapolis, we’ve created our own bracket for this occasion. We call it The Surliest Winter Ever Bracket of Doom. 64 entrants are vying for the not-so-shining moment of being Just The Worst.


Voting for round of 64 has officially closed and it revealed some of our top grievances:

  • WCCO weatherman, sneaker aficionado and #4 seed Matt Brickman advances with a 16% margin over his competitor, fellow FOX9 weatherman Ian Leonard.
  • To no one’s surprise, #3 seed Potholes claimed victory over #14 Monthly Gas Budget Used Entirely On Warming Up Vehicle. I think we’ve all come to accept this tiny piece of winter, but potholes, GTFO.
  • Our Cinderella story is #12 seed the phrase “Polar Vortex” pushing out #5 Salt All Over Everything.
  • And, taking in the highest percentages of votes is #1 THIS F-ING WINTER.

How will the spread look as we narrow in on those truly soul crushing aspects of winter?

Cast your vote on the round of 32 now.