Five Year Festivus


Our Destination Brewery celebrates its fifth birthday this December. The fact that it coincides with our favorite non-denominational winter holiday? All the better. Join us in the Beer Hall all day Saturday, December 21st for our very own Five Year Festivus–a celebration featuring toasts, feats of strength, airings of grievances, Festivus miracles, and a cellar raid so deep that you might have forgotten some of these beers existed.

Beer List includes, but is not limited to:

Grievance Airing: We’ll have a station set up in the entryway for you to let people know that you have a lot of problems with them.

Feats of Strength: Step out on our patio (weather permitting) to perform feats of strength. We ask that you don’t fight your father at this time.

Festivus Miracles: TBD. You really can’t plan for a miracle, folks.