Darkness Day is moving.

Now, before you freak out, there’s a good reason for this.

Simply put, we ran out of room at our Brooklyn Center brewery. Cramming that many people and that many campers into an industrial park was a study in chaos and a credit to the very (VERY) tolerant businesses who share the neighborhood with us.

Once it became apparent that we had to move the event, we needed to find another location that would allow us to amplify the entire experience. Festival Field wasn’t an option, as state law prohibits us from selling bottles of Darkness outside of the building. We were able to sell bottles in Brooklyn Center thanks to an agreement with Brooklyn Center Liquors, who we should all thank for what they’ve done to support Darkness Day over the years.

With that in mind, we needed to find a place that would allow us to:

  1. Sell Darkness bottles.
  2. Have live, loud music*.
  3. Have plenty of campground for the folks who very literally come from all over the world to be there.
  4. Generally make Darkness Day a bigger, better event.

The best option in the area that fulfilled these four requirements was the Somerset Amphitheater in Somerset, Wisconsin.

So that’s where Darkness Day will be this year, on Saturday, Sept. 29. It’ll be cool.

*Photography during concerts: Our standard policy allows cell phones and small point and shoot cameras only (no detachable lenses). Flash photography is not permitted. This policy may change depending on the performer or at the discretion of management.


What we can tell you at this time:

Tickets will be required for admittance. Booking a campground isn’t free, even in Wisconsin.

The first two tiers of Darkness Day ticket packages are now available. A third, Darkness-less, general admission tier will be released closer to the party (which, as noted many times now, is Saturday, September 29 at Somerset Amphitheater in Somerset, Wisconsin). All tickets include a camping spot for you to use or disregard as you see fit. We’d prefer it if you stayed and partied with us, but you’re all adults.

Tier 1: Darkness Day Bottle Package: Campground access from 12 pm September 28 to 12 pm September 30, three (3) bottles of 2018 Darkness, four (4) beer tokens for use during the party: $120. Limit: 500. Purchase ticket(s).

Tier 2: Darkness Day Variant Bottle Package: Campground access from 12 pm September 28 to 12 pm September 30, three (3) bottles of 2018 Darkness, one (1) bottle of each Darkness variant (Rum Barrel-aged w/Coconut, Bourbon Barrel-aged w/Vanilla Bean & Cherry, Tattersall Fernet Barrel-aged), four (4) beer tokens for use during the party: $200. Limit: 1000. Purchase ticket(s).

Tier 3: General admission: $35. Campground access from 12 pm September 28 to 12 pm September 30. Available soon-ish.

If you’d like to upgrade your site for RV and electrical, that $25 option is available for those who embrace the RV lifestyle.

A couple more notes:

As noted, camping is good for both Friday and Saturday night. If you’ve been to Somerset, you know there’s a lot of space to stretch your legs (or at least more than a Brooklyn Center office park), so make yourself at home for the Friday bottle share and Saturday's party.

NOTE FROM MGMT: Yes, you can bring bottles to Friday's bottle share. We have made arrangements with the campground to lift their glass ban for the event. Obviously, be mindful of the people who will be using the site after you leave. No bottle fights. We'll also be providing extra glass recycling bins for the weekend.

We will have live music on both Friday and Saturday!

What we’ll tell you in the future:

  • The bands. There will be a bunch. Those will be revealed soon.
  • The other beers. We’re bringing a lot. Some other breweries are bringing more.  Again, more info soon.
  • The food. We like food. There'll be plenty.

That’s it. This is a big ol’ experiment for us, so let us know what you think. Hit us up (or light us up, we’re used to it) on our social channels.


Darkness 2018

Bourbon Barrel-aged Darkness with Cherry and Vanilla

Rum Barrel-aged Darkness with Coconut

Tattersall Fernet Barrel-aged Darkness

A ridiculous amount of other Surly brands, rarities, casks, and infusions.

Guest Breweries (partial list)


Darkness 2018 Live Music

  • Darkness Day Headliner: Carcass (pictured).
  • Darkness Day Eve Headliner: Sick Of It All.
  • Fellow Noise Bringers: Murder City Devils, Khemmis, Off With Their Heads, Modern Life Is War, Hive, God Came From Space, Angerot

Date/time for all bands is forthcoming.

Food Trucks



Michael Iver Jacobsen. @iverillo on Instagram.

This year’s featured artist is Michael Iver Jacobsen. He rules. We'll be revealing his Darkness bottle art (and variant bottle art) soon.